Bishop Michelina T Foster, Msc.D.  - Los Angeles, California:  Founder and presiding Bishop of the Free Church of Antioch, Desert Light     Chapel  of Antioch, 
  Las Vegas, Nevada. 
  Bishop Michelina has authored the monthly newsletters of the Free Church of Antioch since 1992.  Bishop Michelina served as Esoteric   Director for Meditation  Mount in Ojai, California in the 1980's, is known for her musical talent as a composer/musician for piano, guitar and vocal selections, and artistic endeavors.  She has performed over 12,000 weddings and has had the pleasure of being a wedding chapel minister in "Sin City"... Las Vegas, NV. 

Bishop Michelina  has  published:

   I DO In Las Vegas:
   Angel "Tweets" - Communing with Angels in Today's World
   Seasons Of The Soul: A Bishop's Letters 
    Fire of Life: Seasons of the Soul II
   Sparks of Eternity : Seasons of the Soul III  2020
   Psalmbook Of Infinity - a book of poetry and song lyrics 
   A Cosmic Knock Companion 
   Master Memos I: Illumination 2014  
   Master Memos II: Glimmerings 2017   
   Master Memos III: Reflections on The Journey 2018
   Master Memos IV: Embers of Thought    2019
   Master Memos  V: Ashes and Resurrection  2020
   Master Memos VI: Robes of Fire 2020
   Master Memos VII: Lanterns of the Soul 2021
   Words of the Wise: Complete volume of all Master Memo Books (Hardcover) 2022
   Echoes of Infinity 2021
   2021 Journal: Master Memos  2020
   Full Moon Keynote Talks - Meditations given at Meditation Mount
   Nepal: Ripples of Dreams 2021
   Temples and Holy Places  2021
   So This Is Show Business  2013
        All Michelina's books are available on   and on the Amazon Kindle Reader. 

 Bishop Michelina also has CDs available at 
  A Cosmic Knock (and its Companion booklet of lyrics)
  Desert Rain
  Is There A Real Man Left? 
  Game of Eternity   

FaceBook:  Michelina Foster

Michelina has just published her latest book:  Words of the Wise....

Bishop Dayton Gnau - Michigan: Dayton's ministry serves all people in Michigan and whomever makes a request for his services to marry, bury or counsel.
He uses transformational techniques he has learned from the Human Awareness Institute of California and Stars Edge International of Florida.  Dayton has delivered the Avatar Course as a licensed Avatar Master/Wizard to many students in Michigan.
He treasures the teachings of a Course in Miracles along with the works of Gary Renard: Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality.
Study groups meet in Dayton's home on Wednesday evenings.  Besides his classes, a group also meets for the Eucharistic Celebration every Sunday at 10:30AM.
Dayton will be participating in the American Catholic Council's National Conference in Detroit at Cobo Hall June 10-12, 2011.  This will be based on the Call to Action Conference of 1976 led by Cardinal John Dearden of the Archdiocese of Detroit. Contact Information: Bishop Dayton F Gnau 31301 Wentworth St., Livonia, MI 48154            Ph: 734-452-9190 


Bishop Elizabeth Longmire - California

Bishop Katherine Grace McGlothlin - Hawaii

 Bishop Maureen Heffernan-Rich - New York:  St. Francis Chapel.   Maureen is a Reiki Master and Teacher: teaches piano, flute and guitar; operates a board/groom kennel; is a canine midwife; and is known for rescuing/rehabilitating dogs for over 30 years.   Write to her at: 
    Sacred Kundalini
    Mountain Light Church of Antioch
  Look for her books at

Bishop Charles Sommer - California: Bishop Charles was a founding Bishop of the Free Church of Antioch and is CEO Emeritus of the Madonna ministry International.  Their website is:

Bishop Ralph Sutich:  Montana:

Rev. Marian Breckenridge - Idaho:

Founded in 2003, the Northwest School for Religious and Philosophical Studies offers a three-year program for the training of interfaith, interdenominational ministers and hands-on energy healers.  People who are not interested in ministry attend our classes simply for spiritual enrichment.


The first year consists of World Religions -- their histories, scriptures and doctrines -- and death and dying and healing practices of the various world traditions; plus meditation training, hospice practice and a course called THE SPIRITUAL CLASSICS. This includes exposure to Yogananda, Walter Russell, Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff, the Urantia Book, the Aquarian Gospel, the Bhagavad Gita, three months each in the New and Old Testament (metaphysical interpretation), the History of New Thought and Principles of Mind Science.  It is an intense year.


The second year includes exposure to several healing modalities (Reiki, reflexology, energy balancing, Pranic healing, EFT, Bach Flower remedies, Aromatherapy, etc.). Students must become certified in one before ordination. The second half of the 2nd year includes intense study of pastoral counseling, with an introduction to addiction counseling.


The third year covers sacraments, goal setting/achieving, public speaking, etc. plus independent study and a specialized practicum. Students desiring to pursue priesthood in the Free Church of Antioch are required to take two additional classes in order to meet the Antioch standards.   Contact us for starting classes and information.

Northwest School for Religious and Philosophical Studies    Web Site:

208-667-9391  &  208-667-6999

Rev. Jerry Fulford - California

Rev. Joyce Gammon - California: Talking Pines Retreat Center  

Rev. Alexx Green - Nevada

Rev. Edna "Etolie* "  Jackson - Oregon 


Rev. Frank Jahnig -  Germany

Rev. Dr. Siglinde Jahnig - Nevada: Desert Light Chapel
Rev.  Martye Kent - California
Rev. Sarah Munro - California

Rev. Rose Marie Niebling - New York

Rev. Charles Roberts, Ph.D. - Georgia
Rev. Caroline Rolens, Ph.D. - California
Rev. Jone Schramm - Arizona
Rev. Charles Smith - Washington
Rev. Brock Travis - California

Rev. Timothy Zack - New Mexico

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