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Information on Church Policy

The Free Church of Antioch is a non-profit organization.  We collect no mandatory dues from members nor do we charge those ordained or consecrated "stole fees" for their service to this organization.   We were formed to be a point of light in the growth of an individual's soul.  Ordination of priests is granted after certain criteria is met.  Bishops are selected according to need and the fulfillment of their spiritual duties.  No one is salaried or paid wages from us for their services....however, like every organization, donations to the church are accepted. 

It is suggested that once a candidate for ordination is ordained, he or she starts their own state or governmental corporation in order
that they may fulfill all legal obligations in regard to their work and service.  This aspect of individual self-governing is the responsibility
of the one seeking ordination.  He or she may then begin his or her own work....

At Ordination, the Free Church of Antioch ordains the individual candidate into the Ancient Order of Melchizedek, which is taken as an archetype of the priesthood of Christ.  As this mantel of obligation is bequeathed, so  also are the 11 Lines or Lineage of  Apostolic Succession.  The Eastern Orthodox Line of the Malabar Rite is included in this Lineage.  Our Ordination reflects the forward steps of the Disciple upon the Path of Initiation.  Our Work, that of the Church, is to assist individuals upon their Path to fulfill the Purpose and Intent of their incarnating Soul and Spirit.  

The Decisions as to how this is to be accomplished is the Prime Directive of the Candidate and his or her own soul.  "Choice is always
ours" and the ability or maintain, persevere, and follow the guidance of the Master lies within the Heart of the Individual.  
We provide the Blessing and the candidate provides his or her individual Service to Humanity.