Human Magic


Brock Travis


Introduction - The Basics

I. Wisdom - Energy & Ideas

II. Family: Rebirth & Service

III. Calling - the Soul

ʼs Gifts Meet the Need

Conclusion - The Plan & The Group


Twenty-three years ago my wife Annelle hit me on the head

with a hard-bound copy of

Ponder on This, by Alice Bailey.

That blue book answered questions for me & resolved problems for me.

Two or three years later Annelle invited me into a meditative ceremony

in which she introduced me to her Master -

the Tibetan, also known as Djwahl Khul.

That encounter was the commencement of

a dialogue from which these writings emerge.

Annelle' s commitment to detachment &

discernment has long served for me as a model of spiritual empiricism

& I offer it to the reader as a method of assessment -

Assume nothing as confirmed until or unless it reveals itself.

Accept the postulates in these writings as hypotheses only.

If they are realities, then the evidence will demonstrate.

Many thanks to Nancy Davison & Jeriel Smith for editing & support.


May the Holy Ones,

Whose pupils we aspire to become,

show us the light we seek;

give us the strong aid of their compassion & their wisdom.

There is a peace which passes understanding;

It abides in the hearts of those who live in the eternal.

There is a power that makes all things new;

it lives & moves in those who know the Self as one.

May that peace brood over us, that power uplift us,

until we stand where the One Initiator is invoked,

until we see His star shine forth.

May the peace & the blessings

of the Holy Ones

pour forth over the worlds.

(The Master Djwahl Khul via Alice Bailey)


The Basics

Humans are the beings

that stand between

the realm of Spirit &

the realm of Matter.

We are both

Angels of the

Presence of the Divine

& dwellers on the threshold of density.

Magic is the art of bringing

that which is above - the Soul Life

through that which is below - the form world.

While it is an axiom that thought directs energy,

creation is complex.

We do not create our world alone.

This truth is the mark of the New Age.


The New Age

will be based upon the fact of the Soul -

the realization that

we are transcendent consciousness.

If I can know & rule my senses, then I am not merely my senses.

If I can know & rule my feelings, then I am not merely my feelings.

If I can know & rule my thoughts, then I am not merely my thoughts.

I am the Soul - consciousness transcending the body, heart & mind.

This realization is the foundation of the New Era of Light & Love.

The threefold implications of this realization will be transformative:



The consciousness of the individual transcends the boundaries

of his or her physical, emotional & cognitive existence.

This is the basis of the emergent ideas of

holism & participation.

The study of the Soul will reveal it to be a universal entity.

The identity of human beings will be demonstrated to be

boundless energy - We are in essence Divine.



The consciousness of the individual transcends the boundaries

of individuality & enters into a universal community of One Life.

This is the basis of the emergent ideas of

ecology & inclusion.

The study of the Soul will reveal it to be shared by all beings.

The identity of humanity will be established as

a unity & wholeness - We are of one Soul.




is the idea that beings are body, heart, mind, Soul & Spirit.


is the idea that such beings must be self-determining.


is the idea that entities are co-arising, inter-existent, systems.


is the idea that such entities must be mutually sustaining.

The New Age was shocked into being with Auschwitz & Hiroshima,

awakening the great emancipatory & humanitarian movements,

drawing these four ideas into the awareness of humanity.

(As the Four Freedoms - of Faith, of Speech, from Fear, from Want.)

The fact of the Soul is the foundation of a conscious civilization,

a living world culture striving for universal benevolence.


Human Magic

is not intended to be

the workings of a solitary sorcerer

attempting to create in service

to his or her own habits, desires, beliefs.

Human Magic is the conscious function

of ensouled beings with minds, hearts & bodies

living in a world amongst other such beings.

Human Magic must be conscious of its duty to be a conduit between

that which is above - the kingdom of Masters & Angels & the Soul,

& that which is below - the kingdoms of living animal, vegetable & mineral forms.

Human Magic must be harmless.

Human Magic must be humane.

Not narcissistic, but responsible.

Not egocentric, but compassionate.

Not selfish, but selfless.

Human Magic is Group Work.

Human Magic serves God's Plan.


There are three aspects to basic human magic:

the spiritual, the relational & the vocational.

A harmonious balance between these three

makes for a good life of purpose & meaning.

Such a life will help to bring

the Kingdom of the Soul

fully through the Garden of the Earth.

Such a life is drawn ever-deeper into

the great Group of Souls that serves God

Plan of Love & Light.

Such a life contributes to the co-creation of

a civilization intentionally designed to

develop the consciousness of humanity.

Because an alignment of

spiritual, relational & vocational

dimensions of a human being

creates a vortex of force

that spiritualizes materiality

& materializes spirituality.


1. Wisdom     

 is not just belief or teachings,

but a Divine living field of ideas & energy.

Wisdom is a vibrant source of

Divine Will, Love & Light.

Wisdom is grounded by

the Masters, Angels & Servers of any world.

The sincere seeker may connect

with a Center or Ashram of this energy field

by offering himself or herself,

with a steady focused effort,

in service to its Great Cause -

The Divine Plan of Love & Light.

Such a person will come into contact.

Perhaps he or she will find

the vast depths of the great books

of worldwide esoteric literature.

Perhaps he or she will be invited

into a course of study or the work of a school.

Perhaps such a one will be granted

profound friendship & intense training

apropos to one's journey toward service. 

Perhaps such a one will labor

for a lifetime in apparent isolation & obscurity

guided & guarded by the Unseen & Unheard.

Perhaps such a one will perform a service

upon the busy noisy stage of the world

with no conscious memory of Masters or Angels.

Each & all of these ways bring the seeker ever deeper

into the noumenal vortex through which

Light & Love enter the world.


2. Family

is not only a genetic linkage,

but a lineage of service & rebirth.

Family is the cohort of other beings

with which one moves through

one's many lives in this world. 

Family is ultimately all beings -

the Spiritual Kingdom,

the Human Kingdom,

& the Animal, Vegetable, Mineral Kingdoms.

There are always members of a family

on both sides of the veil of life & death.

The human being is never really alone.

There will be a Master, an Adept,

Who guides all toward the Path.

There will be an Angel, a Deva,

Who guards each through this world.

There will be brothers & sisters

in dense bodies & in light bodies

who stand by & watch over

the growth of every member.

There may be familiar animals,

perhaps a dog or a cat or a horse,

who are reborn as friends of

a person or a family.

Human beings tend to be reborn

again & again into a special region -

perhaps a mountain, or a forest, a river or an island.

It is both

Karma & dharma that gathers us together.

Not only the effects of prior causes -

the ongoing history of betrayals & sacrifices.

But also the choices of the Soul -

decisions to serve some cause of Love & Light.

It is this expanding network that conditions humanity.


3. Calling

 is not merely about earning a living,

but also bringing Soul gifts to meet world needs.

Calling may be the deep urging

to right wrongs or to build bridges,

to solve problems or to answer questions,

or to ease the pain of others

or to help them find their way.

Calling may be the sense of craft -

I was born to do this!ʼ

- the skill honed by many lives.

We may find our calling through an encounter.

Perhaps someone was there to meet our need,

& we wish to be there for others with such need.

Or perhaps no one was there to meet our need,

& we wish such loss for no other being.

We may find our calling through synchronicity -

many doors will close & one door will open.

We may find our calling by doing the work

that simply presents itself before us.

Or, if we are ready

to bring the gifts of our Soul

to meeting the needs of the world,

then we may ask for help & it will come.

Go to a place with height or water.

Quiet yourself & prayerfully invoke -

Let there be appropriate position.

Repeat the invocation daily.

Remember -

The needs of the time are very great.

Your grief & fear are shared by the world.

The Soul does not choose to waste its gifts.

What you are seeking is seeking you.

But the appropriate position may not appear familiar.

So prepare yourself to serve in ways yet to be learned.


Wisdom, Family, Calling.

These are the basics of human magic.

The human body is itself a magical wand.

If the head, the heart & the hands are aligned,

then the person becomes a conduit for Creation.

If you align your mind with a source of Wisdom,

align your heart with the greater Family,

align the actions of your body with your deeper Calling;

then the Will, Love & Light of the Soul will flow through you,

creating a way for the gift that meets the need.

A brief word of caution:

White Magic

creates selflessly.

Black Magic

creates selfishly.

Few of us are perfectly pure.

The best way to tell is this -

Does it help?...Or...Does it harm?

No unselfish prayer goes unanswered.

(The Master Djwahl Khul through Alice Bailey)


The Plan of Love & Light


is the energy inherent to existence itself

& is the original Life essence of all beings.


is the compassion intrinsic to consciousness

& is the deep Soul bond uniting all beings.

The Plan

is drawn from the Cosmic Wisdom

unfolding itself from Spirit through Matter

exerting a pressure within all beings -

a summons to develop toward the Divine.

The Plan is not a philosophy or a theology or an ideology.

It is a living lamp & a living fount of Light & Love.

The Plan is the point of focus

for Those Who ground the Soul

upon the body of this world

joining all who choose to serve

into a single global force.


What We are doing on this planet

is co-creating a civilization

conducive to consciousness.

Are you willing

to bring your own Soul

ʼs gifts

fully to meeting the need

of that Plan?


I donʼt know what that would be yet...ʼ



I wonʼt be ready for that until or unless...ʼ



I fear that I might fail in some way...ʼ



I need to do this or that other thing first...ʼ

None of that is what is asked.

The question is - are you willing?

The answer is a yes or a no.

Let the body be quiet.

Let the heart be quiet.

Let the mind be quiet.

I am the Soul -

I offer myself in service

to the Plan of Love & Light.


If you will solemnly perform this offering,

sustaining a coherent focus over time,

then We will find a way to help you

know your own part in the Plan.


The Blessed Ones are not & yet They are...

The Blessed Ones love not, yet offer Love Divine...

The Blessed Ones know not, yet know all...

The Blessed Ones can take a form, yet are not then the form...

Naught holds the Blessed Ones,

neither Deities nor form, neither desire, nor mind.

Pure life They are -

pure being & pure will, pure love & pure intent.

(The Master Djwahl Khul via Alice Bailey)