I Do In Las Vegas    by Bishop Michelina T Foster
A book of about 88 vignettes about some of the weddings, the couples, ceremonies, incidents both funny and moving which were performed by Bishop Michelina.  Over the years she performed almost 13,000 weddings in Las Vegas Chapels and Casinos, hot air balloons, helicopters, and tourist resorts. 
Seasons Of The Soul: A Bishop's Letters     

Seasons Of The Soul: Fire of Life 

Seasons Of The Soul: Sparks of Eternity

Psalmbook Of Infinity    

Angel "Tweets":  Communing With Angels In Today's World     

A Cosmic Knock Companion  By Michelina The Forecaster (Companion to the CD)

 Master Memos I:  Illumination 2014   

 Master Memos II:  Glimmerings 2017

 Master Memos III: Reflections on The Journey 2018

 Master Memos IV: Embers of Thought 2019

 Master Memos V:  Ashes and Resurrection 2020

 Master Memos VI: Robes of Fire 2020

Master Memos VII: Lanterns of the Soul 2021

Robes of Infinity 2021

2021Journal -  Daily Thoughts from the Master Memos series  2020

 Full Moon Keynote Talks - given at Meditation Mount

Nepal: Ripples of Dreams 2021

Temples and Holy Places  2021

 So This is Show Business - co-authored with Cleo Anseth

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CDs                              All available on

 DESERT RAIN - a grouping of piano compositions written and performed by Bishop Michelina
A COSMIC KNOCK - guitar and vocal compositions written and performed by Bishop Michelina telling the past, present and future through music - artist name: The Forecaster
IS THERE A REAL MAN LEFT? -  Music and vocal composition
GAME OF ETERNITY -   Music and vocal composition

Check out:  To hear the music of Bishop Michelina



Lost And Found    --       by Bishop Maureen Heffernan-Rich  
A Foster Child finds her way "Home" through a career of kennel stewardship, groomer, dog warden and trainer.

Above The Catskills   --     by Bishop Maureen Heffernan-Rich
A collection of Unlikely Mentors.  Books are available on