The Bishop's Letters

Dear Smiling One,

 Autumn approaches.  One can smell it in the air – sense its presence.  The odor of sweet subservience to fate and timing of the seasons. A time to put away the aggressive strivings of spring; the agitated expansion and exertions of summer with its oppressive heat and thirst, compensated by long hard rains and warm, muggy nights. 

Autumn is in the air: that chill which comes from an open window in the night for which the extra blanket on the bed compensates.  Autumn is the time of ripening and harvest, a time of reaping of the full goodness which the earlier seasons produced.  The joyous and magnificent colors of the withdrawal of life and death on the trees, accent their message across the country side.  Harvest brings the removal of the gifts of earth from their homes, and their redistribution into foods, beverages and new forms of life for humanity.

The autumn ambience is that sweet retreat toward sleep time.  Not one of  intrepidation of death but of a gentle  drifting into another state of deepening  consciousness; a reaching back, remembering primordial peace.  The silent fires of the coming winter will warm the watcher for another new dawn.  The Mystery of Death and Resurrection awaits yet another unfolding.

God’s patterns cycle throughout His many creations.  The atom explains the solar system; the molecule displays the galaxy.  Mystery is lost in beauty, balance and symmetry.  Humanity shines forth – reflecting a facet of Divinity.  Time is dissolved in eternity; space disintegrates into the Void of Being and Non-Being;  galactic proportions become miniscule and all relevance becomes irrelevant.  “I AM Alpha and Omega”….. the beginning and the end….. and the beginning again. 

And yet, here stands Mankind – and perhaps many other ‘thinking’ species beyond the periphery of our minds….  Of what importance are we to The One?  How does my being late for a luncheon date, or my chipped fingernail, impact the cosmic Plan?  And yet, the Mystery is so well calculated and balanced that it does – at least for the present within my conscious situation. 

This is the Mystery and the Miracle of it all.  There are no secrets – there is only Life, manifested Light, Energy, and Love.  We think there are secrets because we cannot understand the simplicity of the Nature of the Unmanifest. 

I sit and type, you sit and read: we think together on levels far beyond electronic correspondence or paper and ink.  These are but weak shadows of communication within our current time frame. 

Reach out with your mind and allow it to echo within the caverns of Infinite Consciousness.  You are not merely a ‘clod’ of clay which God picked-up during a walk through His Eternal Garden.  You were not formed from without God……. You were formed from within God.  There is nothing but God, the ONE Body of Consciousness (for lack of any other conceivable verbiage)  prevalent within ALL.  Nothing beyond, nothing beneath.  Everything which has form, life, breath, pulse, Being, exists within this Body of Consciousness which we can call ‘God’.  You may have a thousand other names for it, but each name is but a limited portion of existence within the confines and boundaries of your mind and brain, which exists within the Whole.

This Consciousness (for this is the only term at our level of understanding) IS ALL, and Always Was and Will Be.  We pray to this Beingness – yet our prayers are already known before we ask.  We fear to ‘offend’ this Being – yet can an amoeba offend us?  Does one stray atom of hydrogen upset our whole day?  What is Mankind that It is mindful of us?

We could, all day, express our insignificance compared to this Being…. However, here is where the limitation of our understanding is bound.  This “Being” knows our request before we ask; It knows our next heart beat before the electrical impulse strikes our brain; It is aware of our beginning and our end -  AND IT LOVES US UNCONDITIONALLY. 

The intellects of Earth are silenced and made void in the simplicity of Its Essence.  It gives us a slight degree of free will and we rejoice in companionship.  It holds and protects our essence beyond our comprehension and allows us an open pathway, should we dedicate ourselves to finding it.  What lies upon that pathway?  That is our emanation of Light – not from us – but ITS Light within us.  We can choose to follow it Home or we can choose to play a little longer on the playground of the physical plane.  What does time matter to the eternal?

This emanation of Light creates our being and our life.  We move back and forth on it for millenniums until we tire of this game and move on to another field of play, work, service, responsibility – call it what you will.  We move by way of conscious compassion and understanding.  By then we are no longer ‘human’.  Just as we once learned to use the red crayon and then the blue in first grade, we now learn to paint a planetary sky, a sunset, and a dawn on other worlds.  We expand by dimensions of consciousness in geometric proportion; we love, we laugh, and we rejoice as we look back on our memory of once being human.

It is autumn: pull a warm blanket around you for it is a time to reap, a time to remember, a time to rejoice and a time to smile.

  Bishop Michelina  


Dear One Awaiting Change,

We are such silly humans: That which we await we fear upon its arrival.  We all seek change: the child awaits his next birthday; the teen awaits the next growth spurt to be taller and more adult looking; the young adult awaits turning 21 – legal age.  We all await the next step in our development – and yet to change frightens us. 

The young man seeks his next job change up the corporate ladder , the young woman awaits the physical changes which will make her look more ‘womanly’;  The young couple share their fear and their excitement when they purchase a new home, begin to think about the creation of a family, or even just find the perfect family dog or cat.

 Change comes every nano-second of every day…. Just because we don’t notice it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.  Our heart changes rhythms many times a day, the blood in our bodies gushes along – plunging forward through our arteries and veins to feed the cells of our body.  The atoms of earth constantly spin and create opportunities for the body’s vitality and energy. Life ITSELF is change unto change.

And yet, we place great value on ‘sitting in the silence and stillness of eternity’ – at the “still point of turning”… It is here we meet.  With What or Whom do we meet?  Some visualize sitting at the feet of their Master and listening to His or Her wisdom.  Some visualize being caught up in the rapture of the cosmos.  Some visualize speaking with God.  Others are content to pass through the rear door of the Ashram and absorb the energies within.  Who or What do you seek in these meetings?

We all seem to be born with an aspiration to betterment:  a type of a Divine Discontentment.  Do you suppose that this is a portion of ‘the Divine’ attributes?  This primal searching and seeking, observing and mimicking can be observed in all entities of nature.  It is how we learn to survive in the body; could not this be an aspect of  how  we continue to endure in eternity? 

It is good for each of us to remember, “Change is our friend” … I was once told during a software update to my computer….. (still not too sure about that one…lol)  However, friend or foe, change will occur!  It is then that we observe that it is our attitude which also has to adjust to whatever is happening around us.  If our ‘internal change chronometer’ doesn’t reset… the outer life cycle rumblings become more and more difficult.  Eventually, Mother Nature will re-set it for us…. One way or another….usually ‘Her Way’ and not ours.  I know that we all have ‘been there’ at one time or another.  Since you are reading this, we still have work to do.

Who do we meet in the silence?  As we cross the Rainbow Bridge of spirit/matter within our self, we begin to see this body fade, and the Soul Body’s radiating light.  As we grow in spiritual qualities, even this ‘radiating light of the Soul’ begins to diminish – as its essence dissolves into the next intense pulse of development.  Change unto change within the nothingness of everything.

The words, “Seek and ye shall find, knock and it will be opened unto you, ask and ye will receive” reflect an ancient axiom given to each entity.  In the seeking within our minds - we will find; in the knocking upon the door of our heart – all will be opened; and in the asking, we will learn that we are not the orphans of this universe, but the children of a Creator so vast, so powerful, so omni-present that we will never understand the Love, Light and Joy from which we were created.

As a simple human being on this planet today, the best we can do is work diligently, live wisely, and care for all beings as we would want them to care for us.  There is no great secret here… the Truth has been shouted from the rooftops of Mankind since before the creation of our species.  Yet there are those who infect themselves with blindness and deafness to Truth. That is their choice for this point in time.  Change will come to them as it comes to all.

Amidst all this change, some of us seek communion at the still point of our Being.  It is from this still point that we have the ability to view the horizons – the limits of our consciousness – and see the intricate weaving of our Cosmic Parent within the fabric of our lives.  Some changes we choose, some we see coming – whether we choose them or not – and others we just can’t figure out the preordained design of yet.  Those will also materialize within our lifetime and lifetimes to come.  We are given a great gift of will, however, ours is not the defining Will of our existence.  Ours is a type of training tool will.  With our ‘tool will’ we can begin to learn how the Master manipulates this energy into the artistic masterpiece of creation. 

It is like forming a point of involutionary energy which calls forth an evolutionary response.  That which we often try to control by force, the Master merely sounds forth the note of resonance and ‘it is finished’.  Our point of force is our self – the Master’s point of force is the universal tone.

Within the throes of change we seek the solace of stillness: Two sides of the same force. We state that here, because we measure all things in the terms of duality – two eyes, two hands, two feet, two ears, etc.  To see, to touch, to move, to hear are important to us. We observe the outer material realm and compare it with an inner quantity we perceive or imagine.  This all functions within the trinity of our environment: length, depth, and height…. Three dimensions.  Five becomes the number of mankind.  We perceive and we assess or judge. “To be able to observe without judgment is the beginning of intelligence” states an ancient sage. 

So, my fellow human, until we can reach that stage of evolution in which we always welcome change, let us meet in the quiet, in the stillness, in peace and love.  Let us commune with the Master of our Soul, and the Creator of our Being.  Let us Love and Smile together.

  Bishop Michelina  


Dear Disciple Being Tuned,

Each of us is as an instrument in the Hands of the Master.  Throughout our lives we are tuned and retuned – matching our vibrations and our melody to the various situations of our everyday livingness.  There are times when we are well aware that we are not “tuned” to an event in our lives and sometimes we feel out of tune to everything which is going on around us. 

Life tends to move us on our way and, at times, onto paths we would not choose to wander upon.  We follow our inner guides, our inner voices of past experience and knowledge.  There are periods in which we can hear a ‘higher Voice’ and then, if we are wise and willing, we follow where that Voice leads us.  It is this ‘higher Voice’ which is little understood – not only by us but by our friends and family – should we choose to act upon Its Guidance.

Do we just blindly follow?  No…. that is not what is asked.  As Humans we evaluate and process our lives through our conscious awareness and symbolisms in our lives.  Each word we speak is a symbol (a reflection) of a truth that we believe we understand.  Christ was asked, “What is Truth?”  The Bible does not state that He gave a response to this question.

Yet, in another Verse He states, “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life….”  Not the man, Jesus, but that Divine Essence within him – which drew him forth from the Void of space and enfolded Itself within a human frame.  Here we come face to face with Christ.  This is the same Essence which dwells within us all for through Christ we were formed by God – the One Of Whom Naught Can Be Spoken.

The Truth dwells within us, yet we know it not.  We have been surrounded from birth by those who have not yet come face to face with Truth and we have copied their ignorance.  There comes a time, within a life, when the Presence reveals Itself to Itself.  “The pure in heart shall see God.”  As a species, we are yet so distant from that unfoldment of consciousness that it is beyond the scope of our imagination. 

Throughout our history, teachers have come to call Humankind upward to the next level of awakening.  Each time a few take the step and eventually the masses follow.  It is a progressive opening of the realm of mind for Mankind, and a ‘jolt’ to the student who begins this process. In essence, the ‘seeker’ is being ‘fine tuned’ to the next jump within his or her mental/spiritual development.  The seeker steps from a slow gait to hyper-drive – warp speed – and the life of the seeker often displays a ‘glitch’ – as seen by others.  Sometimes the ‘tuning’ is then relaxed and all appears normal for awhile – but who would be able to forget that type of experience? Certainly not the one to which it happened!

The other side of the coin is that often the seeker, after one of these expansions of consciousness merely steps back into their prior life – to the appearance of others.  But the internal strain and tension is uniquely balanced against the day-to-day activities.  We sometimes think that this is a rare occurrence – but it is not.  The children of the universe are   never really ‘left on their own.’  God is always closer than their next breath or heart beat…. Be cause God IS the next breath and heart beat.

The mind of Man likes to feel itself powerful and in control.  It likes to believe that it is the ruler of all it can think about and survey around it.  This is a ‘learned’ attitude.  Does a babe have this type of mentality?  Does the babe seek power and control?   No, it is just itself and happy… that is until it is hungry! 

We learn many things in life.  With age, it is said, comes wisdom…..  one can only hope!  To be wise one needs to be aware of universal laws and inner teachings.  These come, not by schooling, but in the Silence.  The Soul is a Great Teacher – for it is closer to the Light of Being than we humans are as we stand in these bodies of flesh.  The great Teaching awaken us without the use of forms and symbols – but in an instantaneous   flash of knowingness which we call intuition.  The spark of wisdom is a portion of the Light of Mind.  This Light is born from the depths of Space – an Entity of Being in seemingly non-being or void.  It is the Fire drawn from the Waters of Conscious Movement and Pattern.  And all of these symbolic words are a very poor attempt to describe That Which Is Unknowable.  Yet, it is a starting point from which we can outwardly – or inwardly – move.

We attune ourselves to a “tone”  which we slightly perceive and greatly imagine, in order to discover That Which we are and yet have no knowledge.  Just another day in paradise!  However, that’s what it really should be…. If we but know our ‘true self’ and the purpose for which we were incarnated.  “Man Know Thyself” the ancient Greek Temples proclaimed.  How many millennia and how vast the time-frame for our species – and still we are as the young pup which chases its tail. 

For this time-frame, let us together strive to ‘re-tune’ our inner vibratory frequency to the higher tones of beauty, of peace, of joy, of wisdom and of love.  These are the inner Truths upon which Humanity was founded.  We walk the Way of Light, of Truth, and of Love.  Let us guard our minds and tongues to think and speak only in these tones of the universal language.

Let us walk and think in beauty, truth, and the Light of Love.          Bishop Michelina


Dear Essence of Fire,

We mark a new cycle, a new beginning, a new year for experience and expression.  We celebrate the coming of the light, the beginning of the awakening of the forces of earth-type resurgence;  we seek the first signs of the resurrection of life.  We also each make provisions for change and positive growth within our own lives and consciousness…. We call these “New Year’s Resolutions”!  (Will some go the way of last year… we reflect?)

From whence does this “Light of Fire” arise?  From whence – from our limited myths, suppositions, ponderings, and dreams – gathered over the spectrum of human intelligence and intuition,  did we arise?  Not too many these days concern themselves with these questions.  Is it important?  Is everything?  Is nothing? 

Ahhh… choice we cry!  We choose to believe ourselves to be masters of our fate, the captains of our ships, and the rulers of our worlds!  If so, then all of our private, introspective choices are but echoes of the aspects of our experiences in dust over a few brief time periods, respective of a certain era and placement, on a ball of spinning space debris – billions of years beyond our comprehension. 

To one who maintains that the universe is haphazard and ‘accidental’ , it is a limiting prospect for opportunity and experiential development.  To one who maintains the belief that there is a Moving, Creative Presence within our concept of our time-space reality, the rules of the game of existence shift.

But then, what are we?  Are we Co-creators or Automatons?  Do we have ‘free will’ or are we chained by Karma to fate?  Are we individual Beings or intricate parts of a larger Being?  Students of Metaphysics and Spiritual studies have usually considered these questions earlier in their soul searching explorations…. As you probably have.

The night is deepening, and before your meditation time, prayer, and sleep…. Let me place yet another thought for your consideration and pondering upon the altar of your consciousness.

“In the beginning, God moved upon the Face of the Waters….”  The Supreme, Omniscient Consciousness, in Which All is related and connected, called forth Light and Fire from the Waters of Creation.  This was not a ‘separate creation’ – such as digging up mud to form a bowl or vase on a potter’s wheel.  This is the Essence of the Creator, awakening His/Her/Its Absolute Being and forming the universes, the suns, planets, Mother Nature (as we understand it), insects, animals, humans and beings of which we

have no consciousness yet.  Here the ‘mold’ and the ‘form within the mold’ are one and the same substance.  At our level of understanding, we perceive levels of differentiation, however, the ‘Substance’ is the same.  It is the ‘Thought’ which defines us.

When we dream at night, is not the plot of the dream, the ambience of the situation, every individual in the dream…. Our selves included…. Every aspect of the dream created within our own ‘mind consciousness’?  We are, within our self, the house/car/ airplane/ carriage, the tree, park, village, sky, animal, job – each depicted within our dream.  It is all there.  We create the mold and the form which the mold creates…. The dream and the exploration of consciousness which is the outcome of the dream.  We are all the people in the dream, all the nature, all the emotions, and all the experiences.

Suppose we translate this hypothesis – as best we can describe and understand it – to the Mind of God.  Each of us is as an idea within the Mind of God.  We are given a certain expanse of ‘free will’, however, there are limits contained in every gift.  Christ has stated, “Know ye not that ye are gods?”  Should a semblance of this theory be correct, what else could we be?  Children of God… begotten from the Father/Mother Creator. 

In any invention or creation – the IDEA is the first thing which is created.  Even in  the word idea one can see “ I - deos” or God.  We may take many forms, yet the residue of conscious remains in atomic patterns after the form changes….. we remember the past and old friends from different lives and places.  We change shape, as consciousness shifts, and refines our diamond facets for brightness and clarity.  Today we are as we are, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow will be formed as the “waters of space and time ebb and flow”.  This nano-second we are the perfect thought for this nano-second…. But change comes quickly. 

We are eternal and constant – ever within the Mind of God – a perfect ideal; the reflection and refraction of which we find our self yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Death is but the dropping of one aspect/form and the changing into another.  This form today may not understand this process, however, we, each of us as the perfected Ideal, does.

This is why the intuitive person, the spiritual individual, knows that nothing is ever hidden, all suffering is felt in eternity and known, all joy is celebrated, and God  is closer than our next breath, our next heart beat, our next thought.  For all these we share with the Creator of the Universes.

The” Waters below the firmament and the waters above the firmament” are the Body of God. A “wind from God swept over the Waters –and there was Light”.  Did you not feel it?  The Breath in your lungs, the surge of the life force, the sap in the tree rising, the drawing of the Light, the Fire of Life, from the Darkness:  “Take eat, this is My Body… drink, this is My Blood….”   


Dear Voyager of Tomorrow,

Youth grants us the gift of bliss and ignorance.  We have the strength to explore the universe in which we find our self and the blind confidence that we know what we are doing and what we are about.  We learn……. Sometimes the lessons are easy and at other times extremely difficult.  If we believe only in our own power, we can go so far.  There is a point – sometimes it is further down the line – when, if we are lucky, we begin to understand and see the folly of our oh so small viewpoint.

Modern man has lost the capacity to wonder!  We cannot even see the great stars of our galaxy from our vantage point in our man-made cities of electric lights and self-created dwellings of walls.  We lose our self in the gadgets and toys we create and never notice our true surroundings: either in the physical world or the spiritual vistas of imagination and creation.  We get ‘stuck’ in our own self-created reality of a mere few decades when billions of years and trillions of light years surround us. 

Age has the ability to awaken a glance or two from our lived experiences and creates a vortex for re-examination, assessment, and re-evaluation.  However, many of us don’t take advantage of this gift.  Physical shortcomings, financial burdens, emotional drains, and mental illusions and demons, all take their toll.  Life is not as sweet and fulfilling as it used to be.  Friends and loved ones are gone from our sight and touch –but not from our memories or heart.  These precious times of life call us back to relive them when we know they are not.

Yet, the disciple, the student of life, the soul in training forges ahead; carefully and tenderly wrapping these fragile memories in thoughts of precious colors and packing them away from the everyday life. To live in the realm of tomorrow means that one has to stand firmly in the present moment.  Oxymoron? Yes.  Tomorrow never comes as the Eternal has no time clock.  Tomorrow is the interpreted hope for a better ‘today’ – which can only be conceived by living in the present moment and being aware and awake in this nano-second of ‘no time’.

Tomorrow is the illusion of betterment calling us, however, unless we work our ‘spiritual muscles’ we cannot create the ‘body’ of that hope.  What is it we seek?  What is it we want to create?  Is it truly ‘us’ which is attempting to create it?  From whence did this glimmer of perfection arise?  Are we really seeing ‘tomorrow’ or are we remembering THAT from which we were born?

T S Elliot stated in a poem the thought that life comes full circle and when the end is reached, we see the beginning as for the first time.  This is part of the gift of age.  The beginning of wisdom – making sense of all the chaotic tidbits of our lives. Had we not gone here or met this or that person, or took such and such a job, or went to so and so’s favorite restaurant, our lives would have had a completely different result.   Or would they?   Are we so very sure that a certain lesson we were to learn could not have been taught by another teacher?   Does the person who never goes more than 100 miles away from his or her birthplace never learn the lessons of he or she who climbs Mr. Everest?  Was it imperative for them to travel?  Or was that not their path?  Their Karma?  Their Grace?

Who are we to judge the path of another?  We rarely comprehend our own path in life; we do not know the next step and we have no conception of our ‘end’.  How are we to judge another?  Yet we all try!  We try to teach one another the lessons we have learned.  This is the human way of transferring our ‘humanity’, completing the next step of the species, and instilling a small spark for our own immortality.

We love, we laugh, we cry, we share our bodies, our emotions, and our souls with one another.  We think that this is our humanity.  It is not……Actuality, it is our Divinity. It is THAT which is us and yet IT SELF.   It is THAT which is our Beingness, our environment, our family, our completeness.  We look at each other and rarely understand that it is THAT which is looking through our eyes into the eyes of a reflection of our self and a reflection of ITSELF. 

Here we stand, the children of tomorrow’s potential…. Always in full potential…. Playing the game of exploration and tag all rolled joyfully into the greater Game of Eternity.  As we stand on the ‘stage of Life’ we are actually a ‘Stage of Life’ in manifestation.  And there is so much more beyond all that we can glean in this world, imagine in our mind’s eye, and wonder about in our dreams and meditations.

We are limited by the walls of our own minds and the interpretations of our own experiences.  We know not what we are, where we are, why we are, and who we are.  And the cosmos smiles at our playful confusion.  All is well.  We have all the time we need in a timeless dimension of eternity.  There is no ‘rush’ to become a Master, a Holy One, a god…..   for all around us are the vibrations of Those Who Have already passed this stage of evolution of soul and moved on.  We will follow.  Failure in this universe merely means that one starts the whole process over….. so?   What else is one doing in eternity?

The basis of all of this is to remind each of us that we live, we love, we are born into this world, we die to this world and are born into another.  It may be a later period of time on this planet or in another dimension altogether.  We will find challenge wherever we go…. For we were created to ‘be fruitful and multiply’ in all aspects of our evolvement. 

The story of Easter is the summation of this.  Born among the basics of earth, each given gifts, and growth potential.  Each is given tests for strength and understanding.  Are we good students here? Do we take our lessons to heart?  No one get out of here in the exact body in which they entered.  Christ rose from the tomb – changed – enlightened (in-lightened)…. And so must we. We have His promise that, “Greater things than these can you do….”   If we listen – our Great Master will guide us all.

Bishop Michelina






Keep close in touch with Me and with the Master Who surveys your life.

   With Us are found the forces of the living Light and Love which you must use.

Keep close to Us, and day by day draw on that strength

   And knowledge with We have and which is also yours.

Let naught disturb the acquiescent calm which keeps you close in touch.

    Which brings you light and understanding

            And which keeps you steadfast on the Way.

                                                                                                                                    From the Writings of     

         Alice A. Bailey



Dear Light Being,

The Silence, the coldness, and the darkness bid us enter their domains this time of the year.  It was in the silence of space that the universes were birthed. It was within the darkness that Light was born…. And darkness perceives it not.  The eyes and the ears, the voice, the senses of taste, touch, and smell do not function in the depths of space – unless certain accommodations are created for them.  These are human characteristics afforded to that species which we call Humanity.  To function, we require an environment of air, water, heat, coolness, fire, ether, substances of nutrition, and a specific gravity at the very least. The depth of space, the silence of the stars, the rotation of the planets, and the fiery pressures of dark matter, black and white holes, and radiation create a hostile environment for Humankind.  Yet here we are – and created to be as we are.

It is from the silence, the bleakness, and the darkness of this season that comes celebration. Christmas and the Holidays, are here.  These periods mark the prehistoric observations of the coming of the light to the Earth and later - into the Heart of every Human.  It began as a simple and ancient agricultural Rite.  The first hunter/gatherers watched the seasons and the path of the sun; the first villages and then cities learned the cycles of the seasons; the time to plant and the time to reap, the time to allow the ground to rest – when it was darkest and then the coming of the sun – the light.  So very ancient….

As consciousness grew, this light from the sun became the “Light from the Son of God” which awakens the brain-mind of humankind and connects it to our Soul level within Spirit - which surrounds us all. The connection and the awakening of consciousness is difficult to describe and understand – therefore, humankind creates a ‘story’ to accompany this process for understanding and contemplation.   Early stories were about good vs evil and how humankind should learn what is good and follow the path of goodness: the Story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; the Tales of Gilgamesh; and later of Ajuna on the Battlefield.

 The coming of the Light of God to Earth in the form of a human incarnation was beginning to be understood around 30BC.  The consciousness of Mankind was growing by leaps and bounds: Enter the story of the Nativity of the Baby Jesus. The ‘myths’ are all true within the confines of comprehension… and humanity begins to take note of another level of wisdom-teachings on this three dimensional physical platform. A baby was born in a manger in Bethlehem – a human child is born on the planet earth.

A very humble beginning for both – (God doesn’t always create ‘fireworks’ and lightening with His every creation.)  The Babe was born to a virgin – as we each are born within the ‘virgin soil of matter’; the womb of a human woman.  That which gathers the portions of this experience together – Karma – watches over the birth and protects the infant - as to its past debts and obligations.   Matter /Mother and Holy Child (Spirit clothed with the energy we call ‘Soul’ and physical body) are  deeply conjoined in this ‘incarnation process’.

There were shepherds abiding in the fields – keeping watch over their flocks by night: as we age and grow, we all learn to ‘shepherd our thoughts’ watching over our actions and  our lives.  Suddenly the sky is filled with heavenly host singing, ‘Glory to God in the Highest and on Earth, Peace, good will toward men.’  Going through life we begin to become aware that there are other levels of life occurring around us; we are neither the beginning nor the end of our experience of livingness. We begin to seek outside of our self for answers. If pride and arrogance don’t get in our way and blind us, we begin to mentally record some ‘AHA’ moments- from whence springs more questions and seeking.  We begin to seek within – we travel to Bethlehem to the stable of the world – for answers.

Here we are – the common man – however, there are those among us who are a little farther along this ‘seeking path’ than we.  They are the Magi in our lives; those who have been aware that the Babe was to be born and started on their journey before we did.  Because they are more ‘ahead of us’ in this journey, they have gathered their gifts for the Babe and have been traveling for some time.  We could call them ‘Kings of the East’ – for they travel toward the West – toward us to teach us that which they have gleaned in life.

In any case, we will all reach the manger together and worship That Divinity which is ever present within every living being.  Our color, our religion, our vocations and experiences will not matter at that point.  The depths, darkness, and coldness of space do not require a passport or ID.  We will see through the darkness by the Light of the One Which Dwells within us all.  We will know as we are known; and we will dwell in the House of the Lord of our Being…. Forever. 

Will there be other ‘stories’ beyond the one telling of the Birth of a Babe in Bethlehem? Of course there will be – for Life is everlasting and cyclic.  Humankind is a ‘story’ which God has written and relates over and over within the annuals of the universes.  The babes of creation listen carefully to the song of the spheres, as it lulls them to sleep in the depths of time and calls them to awaken in the dawns of new creations.  Within the Silence of the Most High sings the Great Mother of Creation. Within the beating heart of the new-born Babe, each human takes his and her stand accompanying the Great Mother in Her Song of Love and Joy.   Let us sing together……”Joy to the World”…….


Dear Seeker of Heroes,

Some periods of our lives seem horrendous and other portions are filled with kindness and beauty.  As we age, we begin to see the ‘blessings of age’ which comes in the  spark of understanding and having had the gift of ‘being there and doing that.’  I would think that this is the reason when we see a young person die – we feel that there would have been so much more for them to experience.  But this type of choice is not ours to make.

Sometimes it seems like certain souls come into incarnation for short periods to experience ‘something’ and/or perhaps teach someone something – awakening that person.  Would our great doctors and scientists have sought so hard for answers and information if no one was ill or diseased, sick or deformed?  If all was a perfect world from where would our inspiration come? The musician who experiences a ‘broken heart’ or a sad relationship evolves his or her pain into music; the poet expresses their innermost feelings in measured lines of rhyme or prose.  The person who becomes an expert in the field of medicine – was perhaps the one who watched as a family member suffered an illness.  That which makes us most human – is that we are gifted with the ability to transmute pain and suffering into beauty, service, goodness and love in life.  This talent is within each of us.  It starts with the smile on the lips and in the face of the new born baby.  It reaches beyond the boundaries of human limitation into the Divine realms of patience, love, light, bravery, courage, gentleness and kindness.

                 We worship the hero in the average man or woman; the ‘superman’ in the day to day worker; the knight in shining armor in the young soldier on the battle field.  Here is the one who steps beyond the ‘animal nature’ we all possess, and then beyond that dangerous human nature we also possess, and strives to act in a manner which he or she believes needs to be done – a purpose which needs to be fulfilled.  The mother working 2 jobs to raise her children; the father toiling grueling hours to support his family;  the beautiful young men and women going to war to protect their nation and their way of life; and the old man or woman on the street striving to survive.  These are facets of our human nature and we experience them in as many ways as there are personalities on this planet.

            The stories of bravery and sacrifice are the tales of our human species.  Each entity has his or her own story and it is never the same as another’s.  This is also a gift.  We love to share our stories with one another and we do this constantly by thought, words, books, movies, and our deeds.  Our physical bodies know and contain every word of our story – for each experience and thought is stored somewhere physical frame, our emotional aura, and our mental atmosphere. These are as prisms within our essences -like colors of our badges of courage and actions which radiate from our Soul.  We don’t always need a psychic to see and read these stories, we merely have to focus our attention upon another being in order to sense something of their character. Sometimes there are areas which are ‘off limits’ to us….. to anyone ….. and that is a right  of privacy. These areas have yet to be contacted by he or she who holds them and understands nothing of their essence.  It is not our concern to bring these glimmers to their attention…. For we each have our own private areas of consciousness.

            It is within these secret areas of the Soul, the hidden, closeted areas of the heart wherein God resides.  It is within these areas which we meet the most Holy portion of our Being and we begin to realize that this is the ‘true us’ and the outer reflection that everyone sees is just that – a reflection of the goodness and the horrors of this realm. We are each more that we can possibly understand and yet…. More Divine than we would ever admit.  The Master Jesus said, “Know ye not that ye are gods?”  But, like the teacher attempting to awaken a sleeping child, it is a difficult task.  We are not yet to that stage of acceptance of what the Universe Is, or what we are.  When we get to that stage – we won’t be human as we now know the term.

            What do we do until we get there?  We live, we love, we serve in joy.  We observe the worlds around us and strive not to judge too harshly our neighbors. We listen to their stories of life, of love, of fear, of joy and we laugh and cry with them.  Slowly we become aware of their pain – for it is also our pain – and we ponder on how this pain can become transmuted into bliss. 

            Slowly we become – not the eyes looking from without in – but the Soul looking from within outwardly in love.


Dear  Seeker in the Silence,

Life goes on – moving at such a terrific pace.  We live day to day in a world of vibrations, sounds of the city, manufacturing, constant radio in our cars and on the Internet, television ads and broadcasting news, roaring fans at our sports events, ‘canned laughter’ on our comedy shows, ear buds bringing us instructions, our music choices and entertainment…. How noisy our worlds have become – for we each live in our own world – inside and outside.

Perhaps it is time we learned again, and remembered, what the songs of Nature are: the winds through the tree leaves and branches, the tides of the oceans, the rain dropping in puddles, the falling snow, the birds singing, and the silence of the stars on a clear night.  So much we hear but never ‘listen to’… including the words of one another, the laughter of children,  the neighbor’s dog barking a communication to the dog down the street, or the soft ‘mew’ of our pet cat.

Life ‘gifts’ us with so many various melodies and sounds: waterfalls, animal calls, oceans and winds.  But modern humankind is not content with these.  The IPods and I Pads have replaced the voice of the morning dove, the evening cricket, the symphony found in the dawn with the rising sun and the peace which passes our understanding as night drifts over our homes. 

It is said that the species of Mankind has come and gone many times from the Earth.  Some of the Ancient Teachings state that there have been periods when men have flown in crafts as we do today; sailed the oceans in underwater vehicles as we do today; and created scientific and geographical wonders like our modern world possesses.  Were these humans of former life impulses on this planet as unaware of their environment as we, of this round of life impulse, seem to be? 

We can still see remnants of these cultures of long ago in the pyramids of Egypt, in the temples of the Mayan legacies, in the Greek pantheons, and the books of the Hindu, Chinese, and Hebrew origins.  To create these monuments, the basis of Geometry, Calculus, and other sciences are required.  Yet, as in the case of the Egyptian temples and pyramids, their language, religion, and sciences were complete at the beginning of the period from which they were supposed to evolve.   Who went before?  Who developed these formulae?  

Some might state that there may be races of ‘humankind’ beyond the stars of our galaxy… but this theory, is as yet unprovable.  Are we the only ones in the universe….ahhh…. that’s for another wonderful discussion…. Relevant as it may be.

Today’s musings are centered around the premise that Humankind, as our limited awareness may indulge itself, has been on this planet in cycles before: come and gone, improved – and come and gone; improved – and come and gone… etc. The composition of the human of today may not necessarily be equivalent to the ‘human’ of a past cycle.   Perhaps they were less dense in bodily form than we are; perhaps they were more attuned to their emotional ‘body’ and feelings than we are.  Today the masses are attuned to the more mental attributes of the physical world.  Intuition, ‘vibes’, feelings, etc., are below the threshold of the majority… and yet they are still present. 

Even so, the knowledge of sciences, medicine, ratios, dimensions, calculations, and fundamental astronomy were well known to the ancients…. And then “lost” in the mists of time and space.

Suddenly, humankind began to awaken again in the 14th century and again ‘discovered’ gravity, the helio-tropic system of the planets orbiting the sun, the cycles of the moon, the calendar, numerical equations, refined medicines, and, coming to today, space travel, worldwide Internet, the atomic bomb, the cyclotron, and, let us not forget to include all those secret government facilities that hold heaven-only-knows-what items which may redirect our future for this cycle.

But truly, how far have we progressed?  ‘Things’ we can create…. But we have not ‘invented’ anything original.   Humankind is still……humankind.  We are born, live, love, laugh, cry, suffer, pray, and die.  Our true redemption lies in the fact that we are created from the ‘stardust’ of the universe, the Mind of God, the Essence of Something/Someone we cannot comprehend Who loves us and has designed us to eventually become like Him/Her/It.  Our individual ‘round’ is as a gear in the great machinery of a cosmic watch….. Gears within gears, within gears.  We pass from eon through eon as a spiritual ‘atom’ (Adam?) combining, dissolving, and recombining in patterns of an ever-changing cosmic light show.  We are formed; we grow; we are ‘saved’; we become enlightened and step into another frequency.  The old shells dissipate  into cosmic dust and the bright essence of our Being evolves to the next level of our development.  We join a group of old friends (perhaps) and become a molecule; we take on more molecules and become a form – a living ‘ensouled’ form of souls in another dimension unforeseeable to us at this infant stage.  We are never created or destroyed……. We change, mutate, disperse, and eventually manifest the Godhood which was ours at the Beginning.  We are the Love, the Light , the Joy, and the Power of God in form today.  Tomorrow?  It is all yours……………..


Dear  Purveyor of Light,


               “Light within me,

                              Light around me,

                                             Light the essence of my soul.

               And you’re the same now,

                              Yes, we’re the same now

                                             Separate hearts, separate parts but One whole…..”


During this darkest portion of the year, Light is that Essence which comes to greet us and calls us toward brighter futures within ourselves.   All of our ‘futures’ lie within our self… perhaps it is up to us to choose one and give it form, life and light in order that it will manifest.  What would you be if………………..? (The question for each of us to fill in the blank.)  ‘IF’ is such a small word which carries with it such power and potential for our choices and  our lives.  What ‘if’ we had been born of a different sex, race, in a different country, in a different time, to different parents?  Would we ever be the person who is now reading this letter?  Probably not…. For the road of Life would have taken an alternate path. 


‘If’ steps in, minute by minute, in each of our lives…. And changes the parameters of our thoughts, our feelings, our self-created lives from the time we awaken from a dream at dawn, to the decisions we realize we have made as we again draw up the covers for our next night’s sleep. What did we accomplish this day?  Did we help or harm anyone or any thing?  Did we help or harm our self?  ‘If’, as I drive down the street,  changes micro-second by micro-second: do I turn left or right?  Do I go to the grocery store or the cleaners first?  Who might I encounter at any of these stops?  Who might I help?


The  ‘gears of Life’ keep turning, locking in one pattern here, and opening a flood gate there,  at another crux within each of our daily lives.  It is because we live our lives within these ‘locks’ and know not the Sea beyond them :  this keeps us human.  We sail on the waters of Spirit, believing we are the captains of our ships and the masters of our fate.  We are unaware that we are the servants of illusion and the children of God, cloaked in earth’s dust. 


Yet, here comes the Light to greet us!  The Light of Life which shines in the darkness of our mortality and displays our Divinity to those whose eyes can open to it…. Those who can see it.  This Light is not hidden, occult or esoteric:  it is our own blindness and fear which obfuscates it to us within our own life.  We seek hither and yon for answers when both the question and the answer we seek is within our self…  if we are not afraid to ask and then wait…. In expectancy  - not fear – for the answer.  Many may ask a question – but not really want to hear the answer.


Once formulated, however, Light will answer each question;  for Light as been here since the beginning and knows all the answers… and all the questions.  Light has  ‘seen it all’ from the first fruit tree in the Garden of Eden to the super-nova of our celestial sun, Sol, in the coming eons.  “And this Light dwells among us” and we see it not.


As we turn our spiritual gaze toward the coming new year, let us courageously align our face with that of Light and begin to realize that Light comes to us in stages.  On our physical level as the sun and/or electrical energy which lights our world and grants life to every creature.  In our emotional level we begin to understand  light as  clarity within our livingness.  We learn  to understand and empathize with our neighbors, friends and family… as Light shows us our self and our connection with all there is around us.  We feel the presence of light within our self and within all other creatures and beings.


Light comes to our minds to enable us to distinguish and analyze the laws of this earthly realm.  Light slowly displays for us Its own reflective nature.  As we ponder these new dimensions of Light, we begin to become aware of the real essence of Light… and where light has been ‘hiding’ all these millenniums …  within our self. It begins to dawn on us that we are both the darkness and the light…. This precious light which shines in the darkness, and the darkness comprehends it not….


The Light of God; the Light of Resurrection Morning; the Light of Everlasting Glory; the Eternal and Holy Flame; and the Fire which burns on the altar of the Heart – are all sparks from the Light of the Eternal Presence… That of which we truly yet have no comprehension.  The Kingdom of God is our Home, yet, we have no true idea what it really is.  For who can describe God? We still have no clue as to what we are, who we are, and where we are going…. And yet each and every one of us KNOWS there is ‘something more’… in the  deepest recesses of their heart. 


In all of this, you and I meet and think together… we may not always agree or understand one another but we both know that “Some One or Some Thing out there” knows and loves us.  We are precious sparks of light – taking the Hand of God as we enter this new cycle of 2014.


This year will be particularly difficult for some.  We have entered a great period of changes and decisions which have to be made quickly, and by Trust in the higher nature of each one’s soul – our ‘God within’.  Enlightenment does not come easily and neither does the capacity for Trust and release.  This is a lesson which is repeated many, many times during each lifetime.  We learn too quickly about our own hands --and as we cover our eyes with them, we do not see the Hand of God awaiting our recognition and acceptance.


As one looks up into the night sky, we see little points of light – the distant stars and suns.  Their light reaches our eyes and awareness even tho the light we see is millenniums ancient – and at times, even they have exhausted their physical light and are no more within this, our physical universe.  My light shines out to you today and your light shines out to many others.  We are as sparkling fires of God enlightening the cosmos and each other.  “I Am the Light of the World…. No man comes unto the Father but by Me”…. States the Master in Christ Light.  We, through this Christ Light, will someday ‘see God’ and dwell in the Source of this Light.  This completes the long journey home to the Heart of the Father, our Creator.  It is in this Light, by this Light, and through this Light that we eventually see our self and know our self and the Father/Mother Creator of our Heart. 


At the beginning of this new cycle, let us courageously invoke this Light into our heart, our home, our nation and our world – from the depth of our being unto the heights of our ‘becoming’.  May the world and all who dwell therein …. Be Blessed!

More letters are published in my book: SEASONS OF THE SOUL: A Bishop's Letters