The Bishop's Letters

Dear One Of The Spiral of Life ,


                              “The blazing light within the Temple of the Lord is not for all

 at the same moment or hour of the day.  Each knows his hour. 

Your hour is now.  So, brother, close the door.

 Remember, those behind know not the door has opened, or the door has closed.

 They see it not.  Rest on that thought, my brother, and passing through the door,

close it with care, and enter upon another stage upon the Way – alone and not      alone.”

                                                                                                                                       DINA, I., pp. 313

 An old year has passed, and a new one is before us.  The past has become the past and each of us should assess our journey – so far – and decide what baggage no longer serves us in this coming cycle of Life and Work.  We aren’t the personality we were at this time last year or last decade or two. Just as a child grows stage by stage, grade by grade, so do we… however, we rarely take note of the changes within our character and the ‘face we present’ to the world around us at various times in our life.  What mask and garment will we be wearing in 2019?

 By mask here, the intention is to point out that we ‘hide’ our true inner self many more times than we display it to the world and people around us.  Truth in speaking is a rarity; truth in emotions often hidden; and truth in thought is sometimes so concealed that there are moments in our lives when even WE don’t understand our self, others, or the world around us. 

 The garments we wear allow us to manifest our thoughts and emotions and words as deeds in daily life.  In one day we can be the efficient business professional, the family dad or mom, the irate neighbor, the bullied innocent, and the Divine, walking the face of the earth, to someone.  We often change ‘clothing’ faster than a teenager at Target!  And Life moves on!!!

 But behind all these masks and garments is our Eternal Individuality…. Some call it our Soul.  It is within this arena in our consciousness that our everyday thoughts and our higher abstract ideals meet and mingle with the Fire of Life: our Spirit.  Soul then becomes the ‘garment’ of our Spirit.  Our Soul allows us to interact with all the worlds around us on this physical plane.  It gives us the awareness to perceive the Essence, Life, which surrounds us, infuses us, and grants us meaning within this temporary state of consciousness.  WE are eternal….. we are experiencing the temporary. 

 Where there is consciousness – there is time – duration.  All is conscious within this realm of physicality. Death is a change – not a destination or a stopping point.  We perceive it, often in sadness, because we do not understand the rhythm of Life, the beginnings and the endings of the Eternal Spiral.  Death is as that point of balance and cessation between the inhalation of our lungs and the exhalation of air from them. We know not from where the air comes, or to where the air of our lungs is dispersed…. But the Universe Knows.  IT Has A PLAN!

 Nothing or No Thing is ever ‘lost’ or wasted.  Change unto change, transition unto transition is the ‘Cycle of Life’.  Nothing is ‘created’ out of ‘nothing’: there is a vaster Plan here at work than most of us ponder during our hours of meditation and prayer.  The water becomes the wine; the grain becomes the bread; the bread becomes the human; the human recycles back to Spirit; and the Spirit Moves upon the Face of the Waters….. 

 As Mankind, we tend to think that which we perceived and have experienced, in how many years of life one has lived through, is all there is to know about Everything.  What does the aborigine know of the gyromagnetic frequencies in the experiments being performed on a cyclotron?  Probably about as much as we do 😊!  On the other hand, the ones performing these experiments in frequencies would probably not survive a week in the outback in the style of the aborigine.  Yet each survives and is ‘perfected’ in his or her own way.

 Here in lies the beauty and the joy of the Eternal … learning the ways of the temporary.  Life, Karma, God…. Name your own Higher Power than human, has a Purpose for all things.  Nothing is without ‘Life’ in some form, which we do not presently understand, for All is within the Body of (for no other better term than) God.  (For how can a ‘temporary garment’ place a Name to an Eternal Essence?)

 At the start of this year, consider – not a new Path – but ‘seeing’ the Path you are traveling with a higher perspective, a grander vision, a vaster ideal in mind…. In one of Peter O’Toole’s movies, he kept stating, “Look at the Big Picture”…. At least ‘bigger’ than last year’s dramas, comedies, fiascos, and tear-jerkers.  We have all experienced these… Let us lovingly and in forgiveness to all – including ourselves – gently close the book of the past, and open a new chapter in livingness.

 Easy?  Heck no!  You know that as well as I do.  We get used to our old haunts, habits, sayings, food preferences, films, employment, vehicles, etc.  But change will come!  Isn’t is sometimes easier when we make the decision to change than when Life (Karma) swoops in and helps us along? 

 It’s a time to re-examine the past year, keep the true and the beautiful times of joy and love - carefully stamped upon the golden hallmark of our heart, and disperse the dust of negativity to the winds of change.   We bring our gifts to the altar of remembrance and we leave the dross within our life, at the tomb of forgetfulness.  We thank the Powers That Be for all our Blessings – known and unknown, lived and unrealized. We thank the ONE for All.

 The words to Auld Lang Syne ring very true to us at this season of introspection. 

               Should auld acquaintance be forgot. And never brought to mind?  Should auld acquaintance be forgot.

                And auld lang syne!  For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne.  We'll take a cup o' kindness yet,

                           For auld lang syne.........


Let Kindness be our Guide in 2019.


Dear One Sitting With God,

Ahhh…. The Holidays!  So much racing around, cooking, choosing gifts, making arrangements, cleaning the house for guests, decorating, getting out the best silverware, glassware, and fine china (I’m showing my age), and attempting to watch the credit card for errors and fraud (a sign of our times.)  The world whirls along and daily life becomes a marathon for bargains and hot cocoa – with the feet up.

At some point, we remember and can visualize the ‘old days’ of deep snows (without autos and snow plows), horse drawn sleighs with bells, candles, popcorn trees, one present per person (who was more than satisfied with that), long woolen scarves, frozen lakes and ponds for skating, cold fingers and toes, ghost stories of Celebrations past, the aroma of cookies in the oven and sweet breads, punchbowls of warm ‘grog’…. Or cups of hot chocolate by a roaring fire place, and the silence of the stars reflected on the landscape.  The icing on this dream is the sound of laughter and the voices and faces of friends and loved ones…. Some now long gone from our physical sight and touch. 

Yes, this is a reflection of mine, but I hope that some of it echoes in your heart too.  Quieter times, peacefulness practiced… not just by monks in a distant lamasery, but available to every man or woman on the streets of our planet.  The question arises: Do we avail ourselves to this Gift?   Or are we so caught up in the desire to ‘do’ that we forget that we are the ‘Doing’ of God?

It matters not who or what we are or believe…. THAT we hold forth the hope of ‘Something or Some One’ mightier than our fragile physical structure is important.  This universe was not Idealized by mortal men: it was not framed in the location of space and time by chance.  There is a Power, moving in the background of all manifestation which “Lives and Moves and Knows Itself as ONE.”

This Power is all around us and within us: It forms the very atoms of our bodies and fills them with Itself.  We need not run to a mountain or a ‘holy place’ to find this Power…. For It dwells within our heart, mind, and soul… and is the physical garment we call a physical body and a physical planet.  Life dwelling within Life… there is nowhere It isn’t and there is nowhere that Life isn’t.  We are told that the desolate far reaches of space are a vacuum… think again, we live and move within the Body of this Essence.  Words are limiting at this point…. Enlightenment comes as ages pass.  Spirit, and That Which is Beyond Spirit, Reigns.

At this season of the year we celebrate the ‘Coming of the Light’ in almost every religion of the earth.  A coincidence?  Not likely!  We can postulate that this is based on the astronomical effect of the rays of the sun passing from a shadowy time (the equinox) into the brightness of the sun’s rays striking the earth in a new declination (solstice.)  But the ‘story line’ is more than this.

“As above – so below” is the ancient axiom.  The reflections of this Law are as multi-facets of the prisms in a rainbow.  The Coming of the Light is also cast into our lives, our hearts, our homes, and our worlds at this time of the year, perhaps in a more noticeable way, than during our daily struggles of existence year around.  It comes to remind us:  Remember Me… the Source of Life and Light. 

In many of the world’s older religions, the Bringer of Light was born at the winter solstice.  He came among men, born in a cave or stable of animals, to remind us of our animal instincts and their need to be controlled, by us, in our lives.  He came naked from the purity of the womb of Space – from the Waters of Remembrance, the Breath of Intelligence, the Fire of Mind, into the dust of our planet.  He came as Light in Love.

Each of us is born in this same fashion… our first breath on this planet at this time, has not been our ‘very first’ and our last breath will probably not be our ‘last breath on this planet’.  There is a season and a cycle for all things in this eternity.

Our question for today, children, is: Have we learned to love?  This is what we celebrate at this time of the year…. Light and Love… for the two are so very deeply intertwined.  We see the Light, but even a blind man can feel the Love…. When it is present.  And blind we all are! 

Within our self, dwells this Light.  It is the Light of Mind, of Soul, of Spirit, of That Beyond Which we will never understand.  As we learn to draw nearer to the Source of this Light we become aware of the Love it manifests.  The key is to quiet our own mind long enough to share and invite this Light in.  Some call it prayer, some call it meditation, some call it quietude.  This Light IS our Self…. And we are more than just ‘our self’ in this or any life.

So here we quiet our small ‘self’ and sit with that Power which humanity calls by many names: God, Adonai, Christ, Allah, Ahura Mazda, the Force, Buddha, the Tao, Master, the One, Om, ________________ (fill in your belief).  This Power cares not the name…. just the intention within your heart to rise to It, to be able to be drawn forth into your Life more abundance, and Love more complete.

So, at this time of year, I sit here in my rocking chair, silencing my inner child, and, like you, reaching upward into the heaven within my heart, to touch the Face of ________________.  The thing is, be prepared to be ‘touched back’, for this is not idle conversation, it is communion with the One within your Soul, it is conversion of your atoms of earth dust to Light.  For each of us is the Light of the World… 

May your Holiday be Blessed, and may the days of your life be filled with Joy, Peace, and Love.


Dear Intuitive Worker,

It is said that we function either by memories or intuition.  Memories are held by the mind: lower concrete and higher abstract.  But true intuition works with neither of these.  Intuition is the energy which flashes into our awareness in times of “Aha Moments” when our thought processes may never have had an experience in the “Aha” area before.  It is then that we wonder to our self, “Where the heck did THAT come from?”  We know.  We see.  We grasp a portion of reality which was entirely hidden to us before this ‘moment’. 

So, from where does the Intuition really come?  It seems to magically appear as in a magician’s act: and it isn’t always a long-eared white rabbit.  Humanity believes that all that is known currently is probably all there is….. this was stated in a journal at the start of the 19th century by a scientist at that time.  Yes, people are physical and have bodies and illnesses; people are emotional and this is explained by glands and stimulated sentimentality – in some circles called the Astral Plane; and people are mental – living in their private brain world of ideas, ideals, thoughts, computations, imagination and ‘mind-stuff’ (anything else which cannot be explained.)

All of these sequestered arenas of individuality make each one of us a unique, multi-faceted-creature of inscrutability.  Some sides of our personality we show…. And other sides of, perhaps a darker nature, no one ever sees…. Sometimes not even our self.  But, is this all there is??? 

In our mind’s eye, we can visualize a flower garden… filled with every species and color of plant, animal, mineral, and creation we can imagine.  Your garden will be so vastly different than mine, or your neighbor’s, that it will be almost incredible to comprehend.  Why?  Because Mother Nature never duplicates exactly any creation.  We each add a gate to our garden.  Is it a ‘remembered’ gate from a time and place we have visited?  Or is it an imagined gate which we create using our so very human imagination?  Suddenly there appears a huge, shining, golden-white gate which opens up an entirely new section of our garden which we never suspected was there.  POOF!  Where did it come from?  A brief flash of intuition is often quite illumining in our daily livingness. 

This ‘new gate’ was not of our experience, nor our imagining…. From where did it come?  Is it useful to us?  Does it give us pause to contemplate?  Does it give us inspiration to act?  Does it strike a chord, causing us to ‘stretch’ our brain resources,  as to the possibility of realms beyond the mental, emotional and physical in which we live and move and have our being?

Daily we ‘think about’ life, things, people, actions, duties, etc.  These are material ingredients within our being and on our planet which we (somewhat) understand.  What lies beyond?  What unfoldment within this species of Humanity will be the next great stepping-stone for the coming generation? 

Just as the Earth revolves around the sun, so the consciousness of Humanity slowly opens, in the Rounds of Cosmic Time, to the Light of the Universe:  All Life cycles, ever higher in the spiral. The end and the beginning are the same, but the journey unfolds, road by road, to each seeker. 

As Humanity becomes more ‘enlightened’, the grossness of matter thins.  The veil between the known and the Unknown begins to dissipate: Love and Wisdom are glimpsed in their truer forms; attraction and repulsion, as are the sexes of male and female, become two aspects of one Force… or Entity.  Space is no longer viewed as ‘empty’ but filled with life – as yet unperceived by infant Humanity…. And all is One. 

We cannot harm either our self or another (whether mineral, vegetable, animal or human) without damage to our self….for there is no “Other”.  The Ancient Teachers have reiterated this fact for millions of years and will for millenniums to come until “the last blade of grass becomes  human.”

We are arriving at a period in Human history when the mental capacity will outpace the emotions and the physical capacities.  Old beliefs and staunchly held tenets and ideas need to be reevaluated.  The Race of Mankind, orphaned on this planet, is ‘coming of age’ and each individual is required to make his or her own decisions: not based on past rumors, myths, or structures, but upon newer scientific approaches to livingness. 

We have never lived in an Age of Miracles (aside from the fact that all Life is a miracle).  The greatest minds live not in the past nor the future – for the Mind of the Cosmos is always present. When this Mind is ‘contacted’ (whether from below -us – to above, or from above -spirit- to below- us) it is a flash of Intuition.  An instant knowing! This is because that “that” has always been known and we just ‘discovered’ it.  One cannot teach a kindergarten child to comprehend the mathematical theories of Euclid in one sitting.  However, over the span of consciousness we call time, we learn.

As St. Paul states, “Today I see through a glass darkly, but then face to face”.  Now we see in part but as the centuries cycle, we will know ourselves as we are known…. Children of the Cosmos:  Beloved Sons and Daughters of an Essence beyond all comprehension to us now.

And here we stand and await the Coming One:  An Ancient Teacher for the future millennium. Our memories examined and held in check, our imaginings embraced and ready for the new day be with us of the Intuition’s  guidance  and illumination, in anticipation of our action.

              Therefore be full of joy, O pilgrim on the Way towards enlightened Being, for gain and loss are one; darkness and light eternally reveal the True; love and desire eternally invoke the life.

                Naught disappears but pain. Nothing remains but bliss, - the bliss of knowledge true, of contact real, of light divine, the Way to God.                        Esoteric Psychology, II p. 34

*****************************************************************************************************     Dear Book o

Dear One,

With today’s technology and super-computers, Humanity has entered a new age of digitization and analysis.  We can break down codes, cypher ancient texts, and, as always, seek new understanding and answers to age old questions…. And a few modern ones in the process.  Television keeps the masses appraised of newer research and developments.

Code breakers have been around for thousands of years.  Minds which cannot understand the meaning of context have always tried to decipher systems of information used by those who use a ‘need to know’ basis.  The use of this information has often been in areas of warfare and greed, aggression and manipulation.  History books fill the shelves with truth and fiction of these events. Being ‘one-up’ on the competition, be it industrial espionage, warfare, technological exploitation, or astral/spiritual manipulation is as old as the sorcerers of Atlantis.  All have their secrets.  So does each of us.

One of the current ‘rages on TV’ is the idea of various archaic books, Bibles, tablets, writings, and pictorial languages containing secret codes.  These have been deciphered, of late, in Biblical writings – called the God Code by modern standards.  The ego of Humanity finds this surprising!  It appears that various historical events, past and future, are verbally described, hidden within common texts.  It took Mankind millions of years to ‘invent’ the computer….. does Mankind think that Divinity was just sitting back filing His/Her/Its nails during the eons of creation? 

There is an exceptional illusion here: That Humanity is ‘divided’ from all of creation and that the flow of God/Creative Fire/Energy is not singular in Its construct.  Consider: what part of our own body form is ‘divided off’ from another? Our blood starts out pure from the heart, nourishes the body, gathers the wastes, passes through the various organs and again becomes pure as it passes through the heart again.  Which of, even our tiny cells, is unconnected from our body?

As our blood courses through our body system, it is a circular pattern.  This is no different than an electron orbiting a proton, our moon around this planet, our planet – with others – around the sun, and our galaxy spiraling within Space.  Each system is enclosed within another system…. All form ONE LIFE.  There are no extra parts, excess materials or miscellaneous gears.  Every item, whither it is a hydrogen atom, a mosquito, an ear of corn, a human being, or the galaxy of Andromeda, is connected within this spatial Divine Idea. “The Lord our G-d, the Lord is ONE.”   Brotherhood is not an ideal, it is a fact!

Now this Divine Idea, once made manifest from the Spiritual Realms into Matter, was complete at its conception.  As an ant observing the universe, we can comprehend but little of this Idea.  However, as we are part of this Idea, fractals of a Holy Hologram so to speak, all that Is, is reflected within and around us. That which was complete before time began, has now come into our perception of time and space and consciousness.  We begin to understand.  Notes and clues have been lovingly left…. Along with a miniscule portion of free will, which we have the power to manipulate: creatively or destructively.

This ‘Divine Idea’ has created each of us. Each of us is an entity, a letter within the wording, in the Great Book of Life.  United we form page after page of unfoldment of the Great Plan.  Stepping it down a notch: each of us is a unique, entire book of our own – containing our past, present, and future.  The ‘code of G-d’ for each of us individually has already been written within our Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body for eons.  Have we ‘decoded’ it yet?  Each cell mirrors the past of creation – as we can understand it.  In the present our thoughts and actions form mutations within our atoms and cells, and those ‘mutations’ become part of our future. Our future is already written and ‘done’ within Spirit – yet to be manifested in matter.  Our choices, our Karma, our loves and hates, our hours and years yet to come are all ‘readable’ to He Who Is ONE.

Even at our stage of development: what part of Thou Shalt not kill or Do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves… don’t we somewhat understand?  And yet, the world spins with wars and fear and plagues and hunger… mankind created.  The intellect of Humanity is still in its infancy… and the emotional level of involvement in life is rampant. Humanity eventually will grow into its maturity of Spirituality – beyond the flesh and blood of today’s manifestation.

Tomorrow’s citizens will be as distinctive a planetary race from us as we are from the Neanderthal.  For as G-d is Perfection, creativity and evolution travel hand-in-hand.  If you believe in the evolving of Souls, we may meet again – but not in the density of flesh which we wear today. 

The world around us moves very fast.  Multi-media taunts the FaceBook and Twitter accounts as invasions of privacy.  Consider: what will be at stake when Humanity as a race is clairvoyant?  When ‘physical discretions’ and motivations are ‘readable’ by everyone at a glance?  Politics and Economics will definitely be a changed game!

Our worlds, within and without, are in upheaval.  As we calm the inner ‘ripples of mind and heart’ the outer tides of life will become more tranquil.  Eventually, the waves of Humanity’s thought patterns upon the shores of the abstract mind levels will manifest serenity and peace.  This will create the vibrational field into which the Christ Consciousness of Love and Wisdom can enter: “My Peace I give to you.”


“Naught can arrest His return, none can impede His Path, for He passeth along the upper way, bearing His people with Him.  Cometh the dissolution of pain, cometh the merging of the spheres and the blending of the hierarchies.  All then is re-absorbed within the orb, the circle of manifestation. The forms that exist in maya, and the flame that devoureth all, are garnered by the One Who rideth the Heavens and entereth into the timeless Aeon.

                                          A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pp 748


May your way be Blessed and your Heart be Pure.  May your actions reflect those virtues of peace and love held within the lotus of your heart and the diamond of your mind. Let Love prevail……Let all men Love.


Dear Resurrection of Love,

It is our innate quality, and a capacity in Humankind, to seek expansion, growth and change.   Spirituality Itself is the striving for the next and greater step of our personal - and united with all Life - goal.  We outwardly strive in daily life, and we inwardly strive toward higher levels of Identification with that Essence of the Divine of which we are slowly becoming aware.   

To ‘resurrect’ is to rise again.  The “RE” at the beginning of the word means to “do over” or “again”.  We use so many words in our religions (note ‘re’) even there.  We pray for the restoration of health, life, breath, abundance, and joy.  We hope for the return of ‘Christ to Earth’.  We sound the mantra to:  “Restore the Plan on Earth”  and yet, this ‘restoration’ always is invoked for a higher cycle of living.  When we ‘restore’ something, we want it better than it was before.  We want it ‘re’worked, on a better and more expansive spiral of materialization.  If ‘something’ is restored…. It had to be here in the first place! 

It is in this Season that we observe the Resurrection of Life.  We see this life in Nature, in the lower sub-kingdoms around us: the flowers and trees in bloom, the birds filling their nests with young, the animal kingdom replenishing and repopulating the earth.  All is being ‘re’newed at this time of the year…. Even us!

The Christ, rising from the tomb, as the sun rises in the East, grants to humanity the hope, picturing forth the Plan of God, and the outpouring of His Love, is again brought to mankind’s attention.  How quickly we forget how much we are loved!  How easily we neglect the lessons of the Great Teachers of Humanity, in our turmoil of daily living.  “I Am the Resurrection and the Life” stated the Great One… And we bathe, and buy our groceries in forgetfulness.  “Greater works that these shall ye do….for I go to My Father,” stated the Christ…And we fill the gas tank of our car and take the dog to the groomer.

But when do we STOP!  LISTEN! And REALIZE that He is talking to us?  Yes, we each have our spiritual disciplines: church, quiet time, prayer, meditation and peaceful moments.  There are days when we just enter these states and ‘whine’; there are days when we pray wholeheartedly that such-and-such will be the outcome of so-and-so; there are days when we hear the entire choir of heaven and see Divinity on the Throne; and yet……   have we practiced “What so ever ye have done unto the least of these, My brethren, ye have done it unto Me”?

Today’s world is in upheaval… and we ask what can we do about it?  So many are marching; writing letters to government officials; broadcasting truth and/or trash; reacting to truth or lies; expressing our rights to greed, bad behavior, and the causes of suffering.  Ah yes, human behavior! 

Let us open a new page on our Book of Life, of Resurrection, this Spring:  a page of Goodwill to all.  It won’t be ‘front page news’, but it may assist, to our self and others, the ability to sleep more soundly at night, to solve a few problems in this world, to bring in the Light of the Higher Spiritual Ideals, and to anchor the Love of God more firmly in the Heart of Mankind’s awareness. 

There are times when we feel that we are lost in the seas of life, tossed by the waves of pain, fear, and disillusionment.  It is then when we remember the whispered tale of He Who walked on the water and told the sea to calm itself.  This Being of our true inner power draws near and speaks of ‘greater things’ and a Will to Goodness toward men and the earth.  This Master within us is our next step in our spiritual evolution into the Kingdom of God.  This is not something to fear, but the growing essence of our innate divinity… our Sonship in God… however, one wishes to delineate this expression.

Many consider this to be a ‘one life-time’ opportunity… however, let me ask you to ponder the possibility of millenniums of learning, expanding, growing, and becoming ‘holy’: the full cycle of the prodigal returning to his Father’s house.  Timelessness in the eternal is more than merely an intellectual exercise. And then, how long is just one eternity?

And beyond all of these ideas and concepts is that of the Love and Wisdom which underlies all that we know, all that we are, and all that we ever will be. Love is the substance of the Earth itself.  Meditate deeply on the Christ Essence and you will “feel” it permeating you and surrounding you.  This ‘idea’ of Christ is not just a religious concept, but a Being Who holds Humanity in His Heart and comes to ‘show and tell’ the children of mankind what possibilities lie before them, and toward which goals we may strive for better understanding and “Life Abundantly”.  Is not greater Life that essence which is the answer to each of our prayers? 

How do we reach this greater Life?  Where do we find it?   It is hidden --  hidden deep within our self.  At this Easter celebration, we remember the entire story of Jesus: the birth, the baptism, the transfiguration, the crucifixion, and the resurrection.  These are as sign posts in each of our lives.  The birth of this Love and awareness of abundant Life in our hearts - within the House of Bread (Earth); the baptism is a period of decision to begin to work toward Goodness in Living; the transfiguration comes and it crowns us with a higher vision of how this goal we seek can be accomplished; the crucifixion where we place all that we have had and experienced upon the cross of self-effacement and let go – Let God; and the resurrection is the point when we have truly learned the lessons found in the Abundant Love of Goodwill Toward Men and the Will to Good for all Creation.

How long does this take – you may ask?  How can one assess duration within the timelessness of eternities?  May your Easter and Spring be filled with sunshine, Sonshine, Abundant Life………and perhaps a little chocolate!

Bishop Michelina


The Will To Love (The Old Commentary)

“The Transcendent One said: I am alone. I must arise and seek with ceaseless urge, that which produces completion, round out my circle whole, intensify My life and make Me truly One, and this because I recognize the Two.  I must have union with my other self, the self I dimly sense.

Unto My heart I drew that other One and drawing thus I gave enlightenment; I dowered with enrichments; I freely gave.”

                                                                  Esoteric Astrology, pp. 624-625 (A.A. Bailey)


Dear Wondering Traveler,                                                                                           

How often we all fit this description.  We ‘wander’ through our lives, ‘wondering’ what is the next step in the journey.  Usually we don’t find it until we are embroiled in the up and coming situation.  The Divine gave us breath and soul and intellect… but ne’r a clue as to the unfoldment of His Plan for us.  Yes, some of us are under the illusion that we are the captain of our fate and the master of our mind: however, a small bubble of air in our bloodstream and we are as naught!  But onward we go!!!

We all seek to know what life is ‘all about’.  This is an inherent drive… perhaps we ‘inherited’ it from God Him/Her/It Self?  In meditation we can step-back, at times, and trace a line of energy, which gave form and meaning, to our existence during a certain period.  As we consider this flow and its manifestation on our earthly plane, we can see ‘God’ at work – or perhaps Karma’s actions.  Opportunity is given, potential is latent, and we choose.  If we choose ‘wisely’ and lovingly, Karma ushers us forward.  If we choose out of fear, greed, indifference, or anger, Karma also ushers in the - equal and opposite reaction with equal and opposite force applied within our life… or perhaps a future one. 

This universe is far older than Humankind imagines.  Our planet has seen several polar shifts, climatic events, and catastrophic occurrences, over millenniums of which are undreamt of in our chronologies of cosmic considerations.  Time is but a point, a flash of consciousness in space, of which we become aware. The change and motions within space are infinite.  The ‘perfect time’ is now………. And now that I have said that, it is past and is no more.  We stand together in ‘what was then – a future point’….now…now gone.

Nothing can be held as ‘perfect’ for long.  It will decay, become passé, and die.  Its energy will disperse back into space, its form turns to dust and blows away on the winds of time…  And yet, Spirit Lives on and Matter is neither created nor destroyed.  Herein lies the Beauty, and the Mystery of Being. 

We can communicate… not just because you and I may know one another, but from the far deeper realm that we are all ‘connected’ in Spirit Essence.   From One Point, many points flow outward.  They may touch and cross and form designs, however, at the Base, all are forever connected to The One.  The joy is in the flow, the touching, and the connections. 

We use words like “Spirit” and “Essence” for those concepts to which we attempt to give “Form” to “THAT” which has no body and no form… within our physical grasp of understanding.  If we say ‘chair’, we can imagine a (perhaps) four-legged seat with back and arm rests, upon which we can sit.  But if we say “Spirit” the mind reels to adapt some ‘form’ to perhaps a feeling of holiness or an intellectual pursuit of cosmic understanding.  Neither really ‘fill the bill’.

Yet we sense ‘Holiness’ and we can dimly perceive Love … even as mere mortals.  Why?  Because of the ‘Connection with our true Base’.   Our brains act as ‘outposts’ which filter the various frequencies which flow through our worlds.  These ‘frequencies’ and energies become manifested in our lives – for in the beginning, they are but latent potentials from which we create forms and structures.  We then attach them to our daily thinking and habits and live with and by them.  They become our beliefs, our fears, our beloved friends and family, and our intellectual pursuits.  We give them energy from our being – or we can ignore them, release them, and they will dissolve from our sight.  Here is how we build habits – good and bad.  Where your heart is – there is your treasure also.

As you see, I have been ‘wandering’ as we travel together in this communication.  So many mysteries in life and death, in earth and spirit, in soul and personality.  Humanity has hardly scratched the surface.  We create our religious ‘figures’ as human in thought and actions, and yet… we, as human, are the result of Their Thoughts and Actions: “God moved upon the face of the waters”; He created the sun and stars; He created mankind (by that I mean the ‘thinking entity’ Manus = Mind.)  Who is to say that, if God created a thinking entity on another planet, he or she would have the form of hands, feet, body and head that we do?  Who is to say that this ‘thinking entity’ would breathe oxygen?  Who is to say “God” does?  How could He have…. before the universe, the sun and stars, were created?

Yet, if we did not, at first, create ‘God’ in our image, how would we ever begin to understand Him/Her/It? The image in which God created us was that of loving children.  Mankind has rarely considered itself a child, let alone ever truly learned to Love.  God keeps sending His Sons to remind us of this fact and awaken our sleeping intellects that Life, Nature, and Divinity are more than observation and thought. There are dimensions beyond human thought, and universes far distant from our perceptions of Nature and Divinity.  But truly, the children of today will become the adepts of tomorrow – and the lower kingdoms of this day will transmute into the mankind of another eternity.  Every so often, God rests…. But then creation begins again on another turn of the spiral!  In modern terms: the beat goes on……

The wonder of it all is that all is ever created anew!  God does not make ‘copies’ and Xerox like humans do. I doubt that He needs the paperwork….  Every creation is special, unique, and a type of perfection within itself: whether it be a mountain, a sun, a blade of grass or a child.  From each duality is born a third… an offspring which takes characteristics from both and reformats them into a uniqueness unmanifest before. From the simplicity of a snowflake, a fingerprint, a strand of DNA or the sound of a wave impacting the shore, no two forms are ever alike in the universes.  It is a glorious wonder in itself.

All is created on an outward flow of God-energy.  All will return to the inward drawing to Home at its appointed time.  Yet the Essence for The One Which Cannot Be Named ever remains the same – Perfect in Its Nature – beyond even the comprehension of His Highest Sons. 

If my ‘wonderings’ do not resonate with you and your beliefs, it is well.  I can only express those thoughts which impinge upon my consciousness… please test and trust those of your own travels.  We each travel this earth now.  Some see before them a desert; another a mountain; another a city filled with lights; another a steamy jungle; another an icefield of cold and darkness; and yet another the palm trees and sands by the ocean.  And these are all part of just the planet of which we are aware.  How varied are the ways and teachings of God and the Great Teachers.

In all this diversity, there beats the Heart of the ONE Connection each of us has with The ONE.  At the last, it comes down to: How much have we Loved? How have we lived our lives?  Eternity holds lessons – not ‘do overs’.  We are given various chances to ‘get it right’ tho! 

The other side of ‘our coin of wondering’ is to begin to realize, in our daily lives, how much we are Loved!  Each of us is so very precious to this ‘Unfathomable ONE’, our oh so human minds, can never understand.  This ONE loves us unconditionally… for our own self.  This ONE loves all of creation, from the very breath in our lungs, to the farthest atom in the most distant galaxy.  This ONE is O N E….. and when we begin to comprehend this concept… we, as humanity of earth, will take our first step toward learning to “Love one another”.   In Oneness, truly, “Whatever we do unto another, we do it unto our self.”  There is no division – only LOVE.  Wishing you and yours the blessings of Love……..


Dear Beloved One,

February, the month of Love!  We again celebrate a concept which Humanity has not yet begun to understand.  (Light was the first in December/January.)  What is love?  We seem to find quick and easy answers, but putting the true meaning of them into outer expression lacks fruition. 

We love (most of) our family (most of the time.)  We strive to practice living an appreciative and loving life among our friends, co-workers, and even pets.  We teach our children forgiveness, harmlessness, and to seek the beauty found in the human heart and in nature.  We hold them close to our heart because we LOVE them.  But what is love? 

Our spouse or that special someone in our life… we work to maintain a balance with their life schedule, to protect and nourish the attraction and response we share with them, to sense their needs and desires, and to hold them close within the confines of our soul. We express ourself freely to them.  But what is love?

And we must not forget ourself!  Who else makes it their life-long duty to see to our cleanliness, our physical processes, our mental gymnastics and dreams for the future? There is a necessary type of ‘love’ there also… to maintain this beautiful gift God gave us so that we can express the Divinity within us.  But what is love?

Some might say that Love is the name humanity gives to one of the Cosmic Laws of Attraction:  its opposite is to repel.  Here on earth, Love’s opposite often results in those emotions which we call hate, fear, egoism, pride, indifference, envy, and greed.  Love is one vowel removed from L I V E  (L O V E) and its reverse is E V I L.  We live in a dual universe: everything has its opposite: light/dark, male/female, high/low, inhale/exhale, day/night, etc. Life Itself always works to find the balancing point:  we call it perfection, however the perfect balancing point of perfection immediately begins to fall into stagnation… if it does not contain a flow between its dualities… like the ocean tides.  Even Perfection Breathes and Moves!   But what is love?

In observation, Love is the reason we ARE.  Humanity was created in and by Divine Love. We copy the Divine by creating in Love, our families and children physically.  Mentally we create Love by our thoughts and actions.  Emotionally we create Love motivated by the Divinity within our heart.  Our friends, home, work, play, charities, organizations, and tenets are all a result of love…. Surrounding us.  Love casts out all fear.  Love is the Divine Light of Life – of which we are Its shadow…. And yet, we ARE the Light within each of our worlds of Love Itself.   But what is love?

We look at our world today… immersed in the darkness and bondage of the limitations of human thoughts.  In pride we strive for the greater, yet are never quite aware of our own self-constructed walls.  Each man and woman strives to increase his or her own worthiness in life; seeking his or her own purpose and direction.  To reach out is, on one Hand, the imitation of Godhood, however the other unseen Hand (to us) holds fast, and draws to Its Heart, all members of Humanity and Beings of all Creation – In Love. We all, always stand in the surrounding and Loving Hands of God.  There is ‘no other’ or Greater Love.

In human terms we describe Love as, “Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude.  It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth.  It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love never ends…. And now faith, hope and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love.”  (St. Paul : 1 Corinthians 13.)

We endure, we hope, we pray, we live by faith on this planet and at this time…..What is Love?  It is Thyself………


Dear Light of God

 And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year: “Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.”
And he replied:  “Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the Hand of God. That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.”      
                                                                                      Minnie Louise Haskins        


It is a new cycle of beginnings.  What will your ‘hands’ and heart find you involved in this new year of 2018?  To Whom will you hold fast… when the Road of Life becomes difficult and perhaps even treacherous at times? 

Within each of us Dwells a Power – call IT by whatever name you are most comfortable: for IT knows our purpose, our fears, our joys, and our sorrows.  There is too much physical proof in this earthly life to state otherwise, if our egos and personalities don’t get in the way.  We aren’t the first race of Humanity on this ball of dust we call Earth, and we won’t be the last.  We are as a toddler in an Einstein laboratory… all around us are questions and answers, but we neither see, hear, nor understand any of it.

Eternity is not much different in this respect. Many of us long to leave this ‘place of sorrow and suffering’ but we forget that we chose and were chosen to come and be here now.  There is work and play on both sides of the Great Veil of Life: currently we are here… and were not designed to be sitting, pouting at the gateway, and crying like a lost child in our crib. 

We each are here to experience, to live, to work, to serve, to assist one another and  all the realms of nature below and above us.  Becoming ‘holy’ here and now is an illusion – for we already ARE Holy…. Sons and Daughters of The Creator.  Our job and our joy is to work and play with each other until ALL is made Holy on another turn of the Infinite Spiral.

The ‘movement in God’ moves on…. Although the Absolute ONE never changes… a great Mystery for us here… and perhaps for “Others”  a few steps higher on the eternal stairway.  The toddler isn’t concerned with E=Mc2 at the present moment…. Just with holding the hand of his Father and Mother.  For us, this may also be true.

All will learn, all will grow, all will experience the essence of Being.  All Beings strive, within the present, to release the limitations of the past, stretch, and grasp the unknown boundaries of the future… and God will Watch and Wait for another ‘growth spurt’ from these, His Children.

These ‘spurts’ come when we listen, observe, think about, and then act in accordance with our hearts and minds.  Each of us is so very different – as flowers in the Fields of Eternity.  My ‘tests’ are not your tests… and my life in very few ways resembles yours… yet we train ourselves to understand one another.  Eventually we will “Love One Another” as God loves us …..  but that does seem an eternity away for humanity – doesn’t it?  LOL

Until then, we work and play and practice our exercises in this school of life.  There is no true failure in eternity unless it is by direct intent and individual choice over eons of time.  Todays ‘mistakes’ are just that, mistakes.  Yes, there will be a price to pay: we call it Karma, however it is not a punishment – it is an Eternal “Every Action has an equal and Opposite Reaction Law.” 

Once humanity begins to understand that it is not the ‘end result’ of creation – nor the top of the ‘infinite food chain’, it will begin to see that “Someone Up There” has placed certain Laws into Operation which are Cosmic,  and toddlers ‘down here’ will eventually get the idea that they are foolproof and to be respected and followed.  All will ultimately change on another turn of the Infinite Spiral, however, as of today, that is not our concern.

As for now, we have been given a precious gift of a new cycle, a new spiral for the planet Earth in the cosmos, a new advent of circumstances and situations from which to learn and grow.  We hold the Great Light within us and we are each a spark of the Divine, yet, when those times arrive which test our very souls, Fear not and:

 “Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the Hand of God. That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.”  


Dear Keeper of the Secret,

The world is full of secrets….What secrets do you hold?  We all have an abundance of abstract information floating around in our minds: We also all have an over-abundance of questions and suspicions about everything.  Curiosity is a component built into humanity – always attempting to go “where no man has gone before”…. Or perhaps some have, and we will never know. 

We all have secrets: simple and complex.  They may be as simple as that recipe of Aunt Mae’s Pecan Pie or who so-and-so is dating these days.  Or they may be family ‘secrets’ – skeletons in the closet which members of the family never mention.  There are those among us who hold special talents – unspoken of. There are those of our world who know those ‘secrets’ we call classified, and are on a “Need to know only” basis.  There are those among us who are required to assess and judge the capabilities of other individuals as to their ability to hold ‘secrets’ and maintain silence on certain subjects.  Propagation of secrets and conspiracy plots fill our newspapers, media, Internet, and evening news programs.  What do we know; what should we know; and what is really none of our business?  Each of us decides for our self.  Sometimes to our own detriment - or the detriment of others.

A secret is merely that to which we are not privy; a lack of knowledge, training, awareness, or consciousness within our being. Everything has its ‘secrets’… even Mother Nature and Father Time. True, there are dangerous ‘secrets’ out there…. Individuals whose concept of Life, and their life intention, is destruction and chaos.  These individuals, and some governing bodies, maintain these deep, dark secrets.  But, when has Humanity ever been uplifted by them? 

Many years ago, there was a TV Show called, “I’ve Got A Secret”.  The panel of 3 stars would ask leading questions in order to guess a guest’s secret…. Usually it was an unusual type of employment or hobby.  Now Hollywood has produced so many films with individuals holding secrets: from the secret identity of Superman, to the X-Men’s abilities, to sheer terror emanating from the mind of killers, Zombies, Ancient Aliens and their plans for humanity, and mass murderers. Have secrets grown so much, or have we expanded our ability to discern, and/or amplify, the secrets of others?

The Internet has been rumored to be exposing many of these ‘plots’ and secrets being promulgated upon the masses – and, like the two-edged sword – has been the means by which these ‘secrets’ can be more easily disseminated.  One can learn how to search for a sale on awnings, bake an excellent Bundt cake, or build an atomic bomb.  This we can all do with the advances Technology has been making in the last 100 years.  We can instantly share ideas, formulas, pictures, messages, and news (fake or otherwise.) But, what about the next 100 years? 

All the above is performed through ‘matter’ speeded up into that essence we call energy.  We can beam pictures and conversations anywhere in our world via satellite and a view screen.  Some of the ideas delight us, and others can terrify us.  Strides have been made so quickly that generations who developed the concepts of these ideas are being left in the proverbial dust of this momentum. And yet, we are still, like the hamster on his wheel, running in the circle of ‘matter’.  This ‘matter’ will point us toward Spirit, however it will always be It’s shadow, It’s vague outline, for those capabilities for which Humanity was designed.

Here is a secret from the Ancient Wisdom: We came from Spirit; we wrapped ourselves in matter to learn from it; and we slowly ascend back again. During this cycle, Spirit, the Fire of God, dwells within us, always.  The body will dissolve into the earth; the soul will ascend to its acme; the Spirit, the Flame of God within each entity, will continue eternally.  We are never alone or apart from the ONE.

How does this occur?  That is another Secret of Infinity.  The sage and the disciple spend their days in the study of this pattern of creation.  There are many ‘blinds’ and much ignorance in the wordings and mistranslations of modern and ancient texts.  It is said that there still are great Adepts on the Earth Who know the true history of the rise and fall of the Root Races of Mankind.  They make Themselves known to those whom They assess can maintain silence upon the secrets of these Teachings.  To what end?  To guard the Children of the Earth… one could almost say… guard them from themselves.  Look what we have already accomplished with the power of the atom; the chemistry of genes; the economics of energy; the technology of communication; and the singularity of war.  What future misery will we engender from the promulgation of our illusions of power and our desire toward greed?

Yes, the Great Ones hold Their secrets too.  We are aware of them in sagas and stories, poems and the study of ruins around our planet.  We find hints of the golden age of former Races of Mankind and, thankfully, some hold secret, the visions of the glorious future for Humanity.  In the millenniums to come, the Sons of God will again return home – like the Prodigal - to His Father’s House, with all the experiences gleaned over the eons of time on this planet, and other chains and worlds.

Nothing is ever ‘lost’ in eternity for nothing ‘new’ is ever created.  All abides in the Mind of God.  Some humans have been known to state that they believe that we began from protoplasm in a chemical conflagration in space.  But I ask you: as all the chemicals, the orbits of the planets and stars, the rotation of the electrons and protons, the properties of black holes and  dark matter, the expansion and contraction of the oceans are all based upon geometric proportions…… Who or What wrote the formulae?   It seems God has some secrets too………….

To each day comes a new opportunity for goodness, for love, for laughter, for service, and for joy. There is nothing hidden which will, someday, be uncovered and known; there is nothing secret which shall, at some time, be learned and relearned; and there is nothing done which shall, at some epoch, be revealed and forgiven.  Karma is not a punishment – it is a Law and the Great Keeper of the Balance in Eternity.  We all have but to release our secrets within our heart – for they are already known – and remember that we are Loved Always.


Dear One Healing in Life,

There are many times in our lives when we seem to incur much pain:  Sickness and death; those crises in our lives that we call ‘accidents’; certain situation which we are forced, by Life Itself, to face and go through; those periods in our lives when loved ones, good friends, or our pets, leave or pass on to their next portion of their journey. We feel the loss and, because we are human, loneliness and emptiness become temporary replacements for old habits and times gone by.  There are those periods in all our lives that memories can be either a great blessing or a great curse.

This body we, as soul and Spirit wear, to experience Earth and Humanity, takes a beating – not only from the outside but also from the inside.  These assaults leave invisible scars and wounds – some of which take lifetimes to heal and some of which never seem to receive full closure… at least not within this limited view we have of Eternity.  We often wonder if those who reek havoc in the lives around them ever get their ‘just desserts’. 

To this latter question, I do believe that all things ever balance out because there is ONE Unknowable Essence in All of Life which maintains ITS own LAW and does not deviate from this Perfect Balance of Light and Darkness, Day and Night, Good and Bad, Chaos and Order.  Each point of Balance has two sides.  If it were not for Darkness and shadow, Light would be too intense for us to recognize anything in creation; each play on the stage of Eternal Mind features the plot with actors and the set or ‘backdrop’ for the audience to enjoy the performance. 

We each have our place on today’s stage of finite production, some of us know our lines – but most of us believe we are better at ‘adlibbing’ the script.  The ‘Script’ Itself has been present in our realm of humanity before the Great One constructed the stage.  It dwells in the Mind of the Eternal… and that ‘Mind’ is reflected in each one of us.

One of the ways to ‘learn our lines’ in this Play, is to teach our self  ‘kindness and tolerance’ toward each other…. And our self.  To love and serve that Essence we believe is the Highest we can imagine, and respect the beliefs of others.  Actually, it is to be good neighbors and friends to all… but this seems too simple, doesn’t it?  From this gentle beginning blossoms Love for one another.  As Jesus has stated, “On these two Principles hang all the laws and the prophets.”  To do this, we must learn to become fearless in our thinking and courageous in our actions.

 To ‘learn the Script’ many believe that we require Mystery Temples, Master Teachers and Adepts, the gods from the ancient religions and maybe an ‘Ancient Alien’ or two in their flying UFO.  Perhaps some do for complete understanding, and some of these avenues are available to those on the ‘fast track of eternity’ as they travel on their Journey or Path.  Others, perhaps not so much.  There is much to learn from the simplicity of Love, a smile, the human touch of a hand, a warm cup of tea, or a cold drink of water in the deserts of life. 

Humanity tends to overestimate its ego and mental capabilities and underestimate its inner Spiritual Essence.  The former is merely the reflection, the shadow, of the latter.  God did not create Mankind and then just ‘toss him out into the cosmos’.  We live and breathe and move within the Body of God.  Many times, He surprises us with the twists and turns, and upheavals in our lives…. But we cannot truly surprise Him.  Can the shadow surprise that which moves as the light, and of which it is the result?

We choose what is most important to us: to serve God or the ‘public image’…always what is expected of us.  Sometimes, what is ‘expected’ is impossible, if our heart is founded in simplicity and love.  It is in the quiet recesses of our Being that we can come face to Face with our Inner Father… call the Creator by any name you would.  Our voice of conscience is one of the first steps in that direction.  Learning to listen to the reverberations of beauty, love, hope, and peace, begin the healing process of the wounds within each of us which we cannot see. 

Acquiring the ability to reach out to others, seeing their wounds and scars (even if they can’t) continues the process of healing the world, each other, and our self.  We don’t have to be great healers, exceptional surgeons or doctors, great adepts of the Mysteries, self-proclaimed disciples or philosophers: just ordinary humans responding in loving ways – men and women of goodwill – toward their environment and all that dwell within it.  The Great Ones seek the pure in heart and motive… those who are conscientious in the details of life are then given greater projects upon which to expend their energies and expand their experience.

Yes, we need the ‘rocket scientists’… and the first grader learning his or her addition and subtraction: and all those in between! The Creator did not create anything that was, is or ever will be “non-useful”.  Everything and everyone has a purpose and all these billions of purposes are woven into the Great Plan of God.

Being human, I know there are those days when we all question our purpose, our beliefs, our Beingness, our plans, and our journey.  This again has ‘a purpose’.  It is a wake-up call for us to re-examine our motives, our emotions, our thoughts, our mental concepts, our dreams, our desires, and our results.  Let us seek the beauty in a life well lived; the beauty in thoughts well-conceived; the beauty in work well-performed; the beauty in prayer and meditation shared with each other and the Holy Ones.  Let us seek together the beauty of joy and the joy of beauty.


Dear Wonderer In Mysteries,

When in life did any of us ‘get it perfectly right’?  A person, an invention, a quote, an action in a situation, someone’s ‘meaning’ or answer, a gesture, our boss’ suggestion, a child’s story?….  In all  of these events in our daily lives, we’ve so often missed the point.  Most of us could count, on one hand, the times we ‘got it right’!  And this is just our day to day adventures.

Now we have science and religion (spirituality) telling us what is correct and what is not correct.  “This is how the earth came about, this is exactly what happened…. And we are the hapless recipient of the dictates of these ‘professionals and experts’ in their chosen fields.  Have we really gotten it right yet?  With all the ‘misprints’, non-understanding of ancient meanings and texts, thousands of ‘rewrites’ of God’s Word and “His Meaning”…. Are we so very sure we understand what we are doing here and why we exist?

The answers to these questions do not usually arrive in our consciousness with the sound of trumpets, great moments of media-hype and drama, or the appearance of Christ or a Master and the entire Heavenly Host.  As for myself (and you may have a completely different repartee with The Creator), it is in the quiet times of my life, the periods when I ‘let down my guard’, when I’ve ‘sunk as low as I can’, or when my mind is on the ‘back burner’ and I’m doing the wash or running a mop around the house.  It is then that Spirit ‘sneaks up on me’.  Perhaps a question is asked or a final line is spoken: a word or a sentence dropped into my mind…when I’m not ‘looking’.

The point to all the above is that each of us has a ‘Spark of God’ within us.  It gives us a ‘channel’, a flowing stream of communication with the Infinite One.  We go to our Father in prayer… but do we not believe that This Being of Omnipresence knows us intimately?  He knew us when He fashioned us from within His Own Being and Consciousness.  He knows our past, our present and our future because He dwells within us.  He is sharing and living this life through us. 

Yes, some days and years are hell here on earth.  That is because the serpent opened the eyes of Eve and Adam to know good and evil.  To know these one is required to have an intellect and intelligence of some level…. And at that ‘level’, one has the power to produce their own ‘good’ or ‘evil’ in the world in which they live.  Devils are not needed – Mankind is sufficient to this task.

Science suggests to us that we are born from the apes. Hummm.  Suppose it is the other way around?  In the beginning, God created ‘a thinking entity’…. Mankind. Manus – in the old texts means ‘mind’.   Not as we are today, of course…. Created in the Essence and Energy of God. (I use the word ‘God’ for a Principle, a Being so beyond any idea that humankind could ever comprehend – for I can think of no other word.)

Humanity, billions of years ago, may have been an Essence of Pure “God Mind” cycling in cosmic energy.  God placed a ‘spark’ of His Mind (created in the image of God) within each of these primal beings.  As the eons passed, these beings of ‘God energy’ transformed: they took on various sizes, densities, sexes, and finally the outer shells began to harden (God clothed them with skins).  These of our planet became an ‘earth-type’ human.  Getting used to ‘skins’ and the slowing of spiritual energy into matter – manifestation – took long eons.  Other energies, Entities, and Consciousnesses, slowed too …as the Mind of God was aware that Humankind needed a foundation, Earth, from which to grow, prosper, reproduce, and live.

This universe (atoms, planets, stars, space and beings) is filled with the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Life Eternal.  For where else can we dwell that is not within The One?  There is Naught Else.  True, we cannot fathom the Mystery of Beingness, the Energies of the Cosmic Idealation, nor the Inhalations and Exhalations of That Which Has No Name.  However, in our quiet moments of life, we can touch and be touched by That Which, in this body, we will never understand.  We can know that we are loved and cherished by The Perfection of Omniscient Being Which brought us into being and will perpetuate us (perhaps not in the form we saw when we looked into the mirror this morning) forever.  Remember, that person in the mirror of this morning was not the same one that was there 20+ years ago either!

There are many things in this world of ours which are mystifying....  Even to the simplest of flicking on a light switch.  But then most of Mankind isn’t impressed with the intimidation that his or her eternal existence will be based on how one ‘flicks the light switch’.  Mankind interprets the scriptures, texts, ancient writings.  He ‘corrects’ those areas which he believes are inadequate to his belief system – not aware that his flawed beliefs are undermining Greater Truths being stated in ways, times, and terminologies which are unfamiliar to him. 

To find ‘our Truth’, to commune with God, we need to go into the depths of our heart, unafraid of the deceptions and ignorance we have ‘heard from others’.  Jesus stated that one was to ‘enter one’s closet and shut the door’…. It is here in our busy world of confusion and chaos that we will find the Peace Which Passes Understanding.  At times it may be uncomfortable, but there will be those moments when, letting go all the illusions of the past, we can hear the Voice of God teaching us, anew.  We can call upon the protection of the Golden-White Light of God  to surround us, and step through the doorway of the present moment into the Eternal Now. 

Here there is neither past nor future.  The past has gone and the future is not yet manifest.  We have a hand in manifesting the future by our actions and thoughts in the present moment.  Turn around and that moment is gone and another takes its place.

Take time to silence your mind and your soul-vehicle….  For you are even more than these. Merge into that Flame upon the Altar of your Heart.  This is your Joy, your True Self, and Your Maker.


Dear Releaser in Time,

How quickly our hours, days, and years pass!  We turn around and that which we thought we knew is ‘passé’; Those whom we loved are gone; That which we depended upon has eroded away.  During our lives, time is both a gift and a curse.  It brings us all the beauty we can accept and then it draws it away into the recesses of our memories.  Time seems very fickled!  

As the years pass, we see that, in reality, Time is a Teacher and a Friend.  If it were not for Time, we would never get to experience this transitory existence we have on Earth.  We could not look back on yesterday or forward to tomorrow without Time.  Time resides at a point in space, and provides the ‘classroom’ for the Children of God.  Eagerly we, the children, enter Her presence to experience the linear progression of our actions in life.  Karma seems to be a co-instructor with Time.  We do “this” and “that” is the outcome.  Sometimes it is instantaneous – and on other occasions, it takes years to assess the results.  But it is Time who grants us the ability to learn from our talents and mistakes.

There are those situations, which we have all lived through, in which the proper amount of Time has passed – and we have not noted the ending of the event:  we have not released the results into Time’s Hands – but mistakenly believe that ‘we can handle this’.  We hold on tightly to those circumstances “come hell or high water”… that we think we can control, or eventually manipulate.  Time moves on…….  Karma intercedes.  The babe clutches the toy and will not exchange it for the bottle of the life-giving sustenance of food. 

We have an interesting relationship with Time: for the young – Time is too long; and for the old – Time is too short.  Time does not seem to care about our comments or concerns about Her.  Time just moves along at Her pace and we either learn to follow or become lost in a miasma of chaos.  But, how do we know: what is the pace of Time?

Time seems to be related to consciousness – within our human framework of mind and brain stimulation.  Some humans appear to learn some lessons faster than other humans do.  The lessons are like books: once one finishes it, one closes it and moves on to another activity or book.  Some of us like to read many books at once – and it is difficult, at intervals, to remember what page we were on, or where we were in the story line.  Time moves on………

Are we truly ‘reading’ and studying these lessons, or are we doing research?  A nibble from this book added to a paragraph from that one?  Karma moves on…….

What do we seek in life?  What is it that makes life worthwhile for us?  If we truly seek…. Time will provide the classroom or the playground for us to learn in.   Karma, and our soul, will draw the facets of our desires and needs into the forefront of our lives.  Time will give us the area, the condition, which will make our lesson viable.  It will become our ‘reality’…. And we will live it.

Will we ‘live it’ the way we think we will?  Usually, within the human scope of life….. No!  But Life always has surprises for us: good (we think); bad (we think); useless….(we think) but always options. These are ever remarkable – sometimes bizarre – sometimes rare and extraordinary twists – of that quality we call “Fate”…..  but Time and Karma work on………

All the above concerns incoming changes and ‘quirks’ which we each experience within our lives.  The outgoing ‘quirks’ are often inexplicable and astonishing – perhaps perplexing, but nonetheless final: when the lesson book is closed.  Are we completely finished with the lesson?  Perhaps not.

The lesson may be over – but is our memory and recollection of it?  Have we released the lesson and its results?  Perhaps the lesson taught us the implementation of a strength we possess:  or the lesson brought to our mind, fond battles we have ‘won’ in the past.  Herein is contained a new lesson and a danger pointThat which we call our Strength of today will become our Weakness of tomorrow.  For example: Did we win a ‘battle’ by losing our temper – thereby unleashing our ability to manipulate more mental power and aggression toward an opponent? We may have won that battle – but at what expense?   Is our anger then, a strength or a weakness? 

Yesterday, this, anger or rage, was an instinctual reaction for protection.  Today, it causes high blood pressure, added stress to the body, and can result in disease.  Can we learn to release this ability toward anger and rage?  Time gives us the opportunity.  If we are not completely successful in our efforts – Karma grants other opportunities…. Some not so pleasant.

In the quiet periods of Time, which we possess, let us dig deeply into our subconscious memories and the dark places in our psyches, to locate these ‘old strengths’ which we possess and release them.  They can appear as our primal animal natures and instincts… and they too need to ‘move on’ in Time.  It may see odd to you, however, these ancient strengths, which have aged and become our present-day weaknesses, hold power which we can transmute into higher degrees of beauty, of healing, and of joy within our psyches.  It is not a mental manipulation of murder we seek: it is the transmutation of lower energy into higher energy.  It is a release of the contained power within these outworn thought-forms into the golden aura of energy which surrounds each of us.

Time grants us a place and a point and a space, an arena, in which we can transfigure the past instincts and structures of our mental and emotional apparatus into greater dynamism and vitality. Although most of us ‘hate change’ …..  change for the better is always that precious quantity which we all seek! 

Learning to release past reactions toward others – as well as to our self – is a difficult job.  Time helps us – and it often ‘beats the alternative’ of Karma!  Release in Joy, my Friends!         


Dear Hearer of Thunder,

 In the morning quiet, as I type this letter, I hear the rumbling of thunder and the plaintive call of the birds.  They know a storm is coming… possibly a tornado… if I listen carefully to the weather broadcast for today.  The stillness of the present moment, the heightened dew point and humidity level all sound together that a change is coming.

These changes come in all of our lives.  Sometimes we prefer that ‘ignorance is bliss’ and not be aware of a coming event.  At other times, an early warning siren is a distinct possibility and most welcome.  Do we fear these changes?  The birds scatter to their nests and the squirrels dash up the trees to their leafy homes and hold tight during the rains and winds.  These are gentle at times, however, there are those other periods where one hangs on for dear life and prays.

For what does on pray?  That things will always stay ‘status quo’?  That during any change there will be no pain and no inclement impingement upon our “This is the way I’ve always done things and this is how it is” response?  Ahh, but change is all there is in this universe.  Without change we would not even be star-dust floating in space…. As it took atoms millenniums to become ‘atoms’.

You would not be ‘you’ nor would I be ‘me’ if it were not for change.  This re-adjustment and re-alignment of atoms and quarks spun us into manifestation.  From deepest, darkest space – a void of dark matter, we came forth.  Am I now going to worry about a missed appointment or a  change of venue for my work career?  To where am I going to move and live? What am I going to do when I get there?  Did I ask these questions as a proton selecting my electrons or as a cell choosing my DNA?

We fear the unknown.  It is a common denominator within the human species… and yet, this fear is controllable and can be, eventually, eradicated.  We learn to ‘Trust’ the Almighty – that part of the cosmos over which we have no control.  Why do we believe that we should be able to control everything?  We are not that ‘marvelous’ in our physical frames yet!

The thunder rolls across the sky: the clouds move; the atoms clash together in a song of great wonder and roar.  Light is created when the atoms dance together: pressure changes; rain falls; and the earth is made new.  New growth is assured – be it a small dandelion or a watering hole for a sparrow.  I, as the human, hear the change coming.  It is like the advancement of consciousness for the human race – inevitable yet unperceived by most.  Change is the harbinger of joy and pain.   Forms dissolve, structures collapse, the ground is cleared for new developments…can we see it?  Can we perceive it?  Most importantly, can we work with it? Or do we whine and rail against it?

The thunder within our psyche reverberates.  Is it calling us to action?  Is it calling us to a deeper appreciation of life and livingness:  To an abundance of accomplishment which we can achieve? Do we acknowledge it or merely hide our head in the sand and state, “I hear no thunder”? 

We are given many opportunities to grow and mature in this life.  The least of which is the blood in our veins and the air in our lungs – and yet without these – we would not be.  Nor would we see the beauty of nature, this world, and many others around us.  The thunder rolls.

There are not many times in life when one stands on the mountain top and watches the storm. There are very few who have stood within the storm and been undaunted.  Storms are symbolic manifestations in matter of change and opportunity.  Storms have their own agenda and travel their own path.  As with another’s path, if we observe it carefully, we can learn.  We learn to protect the fragile physical environment as best we can which surrounds us. 

Some opportunities for change are given which we need not accept: some are forced upon us; and some are of our own choosing.  The key is to learn the difference and to know when the ‘game is over’ for one circumstance and it is time put the game pieces away.

This month holds the Celebration of Easter.  The Master Jesus knew the changes that were coming and did not fear.  The thunder rolled in His 6th hour on the cross and the sky darkened.  The shadow of the sepulcher gaped before Him.  The cold stone slab awaited His physical form wrapped in cloths. And the darkness of the tomb closed resoundingly with the heavy stone.

The thunder of change rolled: hours passed. The Light within the tomb became brighter than the light without.  The rolling thunder called to the heavy stone to roll backward.  The cloth was folded and placed gently on the stone slab.  Feet, new to the earth, exited into the dawn.  A new opportunity for all of us was established.

The thunder of change rolls in all of our lives.  Do you hear it?  Can this message of change reverberate within your heart?  Can you also sound the tone of this message for others?  “Fear Not”. A full cycle was completed and now a new spiral was begun as you slept last night.  This day has never been, nor will it ever come again.  What is your choice for this day…. Oh seeker of wisdom?

The thunder rolls as it moves across the sky of earth.  We, the children of change, move across the face of the earth fulfilling those lessons with which Life ‘gifts’ us.  “Fear Not.”   Our very ‘Beingness’ brings change to other lives and events.  We can create beauty, joy, balance, and abundance within the lives of all creatures.  Let us together, leave our own personal tomb of darkness and, with new feet, step into the dawn of courage and light.  “Fear Not”….. and believe in Truth.


Dear Dancer in Chaos,

The wind whips past my window, shaking the bushes and trees in its wake.  Can I stop it?  No.  I can merely observe its path, its actions, and the result of its passage.  Daily life is a lot like the wind…. Control is not my mission in this life.  What little ability I have to control… remains my reactions to Life Itself.  The sun rises and sets; the moon attracts and releases the tides of the oceans;  the dandelions sprout in my garden (I have a little control on these); and the clouds scurry across the sky. But as a human, here I can sit and observe the Hand of the Creator moving across the face of the earth. 

We know not where the clouds go as they pass the horizon, nor the mist from the waves impacting the shore.  We trust that the Earth has her plans for the consequences of these actions and we are free to move on.  But do we? 

Within our realm of life, our tiny world within the scheme of things, what drives us?  What inspires us to go on?  What is it that we hold dear to our heart and clutch so tightly within the grasp of our understanding?  Our bodies seek to sustain and reproduce; our emotions reach out to feel and touch wholeness, acceptance, strength and love; our minds search for meaning, fulfillment, and understanding of our human condition and the actions of others; our souls seek harmony, balance, Light and peace.  And here it is we dance among all of these attributes of our inner and outer life.

In attempting to control others – we lose control of our self.  We become driven in order to ‘drive’ others; we become either the antithesis or the result of our controlling factor. When we step back to ‘see our self’ we actually step away… outside of what we truly are and into the illusory reflection of what we want to see.  Granted, at times this is necessary…. But so is the quick return to reality.

From chaos is born order: from the unreal we discover the Real.  In times of silence and meditation and prayer, we eventually learn to calm the inner chaos and see the unfoldment of inner peace.  Peace is not always stillness and non-action.  Peace is also a Teacher for those beyond Humanity and dwells in the deep regions of the Heart.  “There is a Peace which passes understanding; it abides in the hearts of those who dwell in the Eternal…..” 

Today, it is difficult to find “those who dwell in the Eternal”… not because there is a lack of Spirituality in the world, but because the focus of the inner heart is toward the chaos and the excitement of life – constantly.  A great gift to Humanity is “Time”.  We never seem to have enough of it; we run out of it; we plot our lives against it; we forge inventions to negate it; we eventually look back and regret that we wasted it.  But it just “IS”.  We are the ones who are in opposition to its longevity or cessation. Yet, without this sense of Time, would we ever ‘see’ or ‘understand’ anything?  It is in ‘Time’ that the child becomes the adult; the apprentice becomes the Master; the dream becomes the reality; the past becomes the present, and the present becomes the future.  Yet all can be gone in a twinkling of an eye…… erased in a star-burst – the slate is made clean.

It seems to take chaos no time to create a mad-house….but it takes Time decibels of beats to create order and rationality.  We always look forward to the ‘new and potential’, but is it not always created within the groundwork of chaos?  Chaos reigns: the earth is unstable; then come the winds of change, the fire of purification, the waters of cleansing, and the ethers of energies unseen.  Slowly building begins, growth starts, directions change, and unknown properties develop within the old area of chaos.  Beginnings are always hard – in life for us all.  The ‘clearing process’ can be painful; the building process eventful; the development of the unforeseen surprising; and the end result – not always what we imagined…. And Life moves on.  As humans, we find ourselves at that junction of, “How did that……?  Or What the heck…….????”

And we move from chaos to order….. then back again and again.  God did not intend many points of ‘boredom’ – if we keep moving.  The lessons change, the rules of the Game of Life revises and alters, our outlook on them mutates with our living experience and karmic situations.  We change…. Hopefully into the more mature human (or not.) And Life moves on.

It is our response to the stimuli which tests the chaos and order within us and brings about greater growth and comprehension of daily livingness.  When we come from the place of Peace and Love, Harmony and Light, we can better understand the questions which Life is asking our soul.  How true are we to our self?  How true are we to others?  What are our goals?  By what path or process will we achieve our goals?

In the interim, Time holds the key for us.  Have we learned well enough the lesson of chaos?  Can  we teach, by our livingness, the lesson of Love?  How well do we ‘dance’ between the two – with our partner of Time? 

We live in worlds of all times, all places, all peoples.  We are gifted with the ability to choose (for the most part) as to how we will respond to Time and our place on this planet Earth.  We are surrounded with opportunities to learn: family, friends, work, play, laughter, pain, life and death.  Chaos and order dance together in all of these situations.  We respond to one and then another as we pass through this cycle of earth’s schooling.  Do we lead – or do we follow?  Do we sing and dance – or do we ‘sit it out’ like the proverbial wall flower? 

The choice lies before us…. Time has granted it to us.  At any given ‘point in space’, Time awaits our decision.  Let us move on together!   May the melody you hear be one of Joy, Beauty, and Gratitude for all that Is.



Keep close in touch with Me and with the Master Who surveys your life.

   With Us are found the forces of the living Light and Love which you must use.

Keep close to Us, and day by day draw on that strength

   And knowledge with We have and which is also yours.

Let naught disturb the acquiescent calm which keeps you close in touch.

    Which brings you light and understanding

            And which keeps you steadfast on the Way.

                                                                                                                                    From the Writings of     

                           Alice A. Bailey

                            Lucis Trust, NYC


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