The Bishop's Letters


Dear One Invoking Change,


When is it, within our lives, that we call for – invoke – change?  Usually when we have “reached the end of our rope for patience or endurance” …  But perhaps, it works the other way around: Change calls us to join IT in a new set of circumstances, a new way of thinking, of living, of acting, or reacting. Change can bring that which we call goodness as easily as it brings that which we call evil.  These are the smaller details of change.  IT concerns Itself not with the impacts It may make upon our lives because… It just IS.  The wind blows: is it concerned with the direction of the leaves caught in its drafts, the depth of a snow pile, or the force and sound of the rain on a window pane?  The sun shines: does it worry if a piece of metal gets hot, a cloud blocks its rays, or a seed uses its warmth to sprout?  IT just IS.

The universe does not respond in the way humanity does at our level.  We have the awakening ability to sense goodness or seeming detriment to a form, an object, or a person. How will ‘such-n-such’ impact ‘such-n-such’?  Sometimes, to some of us, this is extremely important: especially if it is connected in any way to ‘our self’! 

 As we grow in awareness, we can begin to step back from personal inclusion in everything, and begin to see these universal Forces at work.  Toward what goal are They focused?  It doesn’t seem to always be toward our aggrandizement, comfort, wealth, physical fitness, diet, or secret passions.  Ahh, and we, like the leaf floating on the river’s current, are picked up and carried toward our new destination of universal growth and soul expression.  Sometimes this is unnoticed, and at other times we are kicking and screaming all the way!

 Change is a Force which manipulates the movements of our lives.  New concepts come – whether we plan on them or not.  They can do naught else – and neither can we.  It is a Great Mystery how everything fits together in all worlds.  A distant vibration in a remote, small corner of the cosmos, and piece by piece, each significant and required particle in Space can lock into the life essence of a person on earth – or an entity on or in another world.

 Sometimes this ‘vibration’ comes as a picture, or a great idea and ‘dawns’ upon a mind while the entity mops the floor, or polishes the silver, or bathes the dog.  And, considering this ‘vibration’: It was present before the entity ever took on a body and form on their appointed plane or planet. It waited.  From whence did It come?  How many eons did It see?  And in Love it was sent forth to expand a mind, as small as a grain of sand in our universe: to evolve and grow into the next stage of its development.  How truly unique and important is the mind of an individual man or woman to the Universal Mind of God?   We, in this form, will never know. 

 We are each called to CHANGE and to EVOLVE and to GROW.  What is the end result?  You will never read it in the books or understand it from the teachings promulgated in this world… for It ITSELF is evolving and growing within Its own Self.  AND YET, IT IS EVER UNCHANGING, IFINITE, AND UNKNOWABLE.

  The students of the Teachings are confounded by the above paragraph… yet contained in its structure is Eternal Truth.  It cannot be read or comprehended except on the level of the one who sees it.  Humanity is unfolding as a great flower in the Garden of the Cosmos.  Is the flower aware if the mind of the Gardener? Truly, the flower, as it sits in the soil in the form of a seed has no concept of roots, leaves, buds or flowering.  Humanity follows the same pattern.  We unfold, evolve, grow… and we are prompted to do so by CHANGE: a Force – a type of ‘fertilizer’ - which the Great Gardener uses.

 As we slowly learn to observe CHANGE, we find ourselves, like the process of osmosis, blending into the Mind of the Great Gardener.  Change then becomes our modus operandi for life awareness. Planning, consideration of others and self, situations, impacts, results (whether positive or negative), all become observable currents of CHANGE.  The gift of intelligence, which makes us human, is initiated and augmented, carrying us into areas unknown in the present moment. 

 All the above require COURAGE and STRENGTH.  These are two of the aptitudes which CHANGE stimulates.  Without these two, even the flower would not be able to stand… let alone a man or woman.  And, as long as we are considering these basic requirements, let us also acknowledge that LOVE is truly the Foundation, the Root, the Universal Germ, of which all these actions and reactions are but expressions.

 In this Season of Light and Love, we learn to welcome CHANGE as we welcome the Christ ESSENCE into our hearts, our lives, our homes and our world.  The symbolism:   the Babe born in the stable of Bethlehem CHANGED the lives of Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds, the Wisemen, and the World.  It changed you and me as we may never have ‘met’ except for this event over 2000 years ago.  This CHANGE is ongoing: Change unto change unto change eternally…. And then some……

 Let us, in this Season, shine the Light of Change fearlessly onto all facets of our Being.  Let us allow CHANGE to change us:  drawing forth courageous Love; strengthening our Service to the field of Humanity; and teaching us respect for the Nature of Earth.  Let us be good students to the obvious and the occult sides of all before us, behind us, surrounding us, and within us.  Light brings forth vision, not only for our eyes but from our heart.  Fear not!  We are the Children of Light and Love and Power.  Let us together abide in the Peace and the Brotherhood of All.


 Dear Holder of the Light,

 As I look around our planet, there is much work to be done on many fronts.  I know in my heart that the evil so prevalent at this time will not win, but we each are here at this time, to adjust the odds – so to speak. We became priests and bishops to grow: and centered ourselves in a structure to be enabled to assist people and help lift the load of humanity’s suffering.  This is a precious opportunity given to each soul.  The Buddha has said also that as we alleviate the pain and suffering within ourself, we raise humanity closer to the Light.  Christ said that, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to me.” 

 Both of these Great Teachers and Lovers of Humanity point us to the Truth of seeing that ALL are connected.  Each of us, and our influence, do not stop at the surface of our skin or the outline of our body.  All manifestation is connected, and inter-connected, by the vast Essence of That Which Is beyond all human understanding. 

 Students studying the Ancient Teachings are many times under the illusion that suddenly, “Poof” they will know all things, see eternity rolled out before them, and become instant Masters… that is just after they have raised their kundalini and opened all their chakras.  Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

 Most of us are as the acorn looking up at the giant oak tree and saying, ‘someday….’.  There is nowhere in the Teachings that instantaneous and magical results occur without much inner work and the time that it takes for inner growth.  This is the key.  All things progress at their own speed. 

“As above, so below” is a statement we all have heard.  Here on earth, have we ever seen a baby instantly transform into an Einstein?  A flower suddenly bloom from a seed?  Even a storm and the mighty ocean need some percentage of ‘time’ to grow and mature.  This is the name of the ‘game’ for us.  Change is inevitable: As our whole universe is in motion at all times.  But the universes move at their own pace and we are but gears within the structure of this timely movement.

 Our past Karma affords us opportunities to observe this motion – not only around us but within us.  Yes, we all will change but on a schedule which is not of our making.  (Sometimes it seems we can keep in stride with these changes, however, we cannot ‘force’ them or initiate them in most cases.)

 The ego of Man is incredible.  Many in today’s world believe that all of Nature and the surrounding space was made just for the enjoyment and gratification of this human-animal currently residing at this time on this planet.  Mankind thinks and remembers, therefore, he must be at the top of the ‘food chain’ for all time. 

 When these thoughts start ‘getting out of hand’ we can see it clearly – as in our world today.  The ‘mind of man’ tries to exert its power and illusion of dominance over his fellow humans and nature.  As in the nations today, ‘fellow humans’ are also stepping into their ‘ego garment’; and then Nature comes along and provides hurricanes, tidal waves, tornadoes, drought, dust storms, forest fires, solar storms, asteroids, etc. to remind humankind in total, that he is never in charge.

At this point, a few may pause and wonder, “Who is in Charge”?  This Essence has not the ego of Man; does not speak of Itself as “I”;  and does not boast of Its many accomplishments.  Yet it dwells within us all for It is the Mind which looks through our eyes, works through our hands, loves through our hearts and exists within the illusion and shadow which we each call ‘ourself’.

Here is where the ‘Light Worker’ pauses: He or she is aware that this Essence resides within each entity.  We sought this ‘Essence’ when we were Ordained, and we seek It daily in our prayers and meditations.  We seek to radiate it through our lives to lift and help others around us.  We seek to draw it forth from the hearts and minds with whom we come in contact by loving deeds, thoughtful actions, and truth in living.  This is the way in which It manifests on this physical plane – through us.  We each encompass within our being the hands and the feet of Christ.  In truth, when the time and day arrives in which the Heart and Mind of Christ can also manifest through us, a Master will be born. 

 Until that day, we live, love, and enjoy the beautiful ambience of this Life we have been given.  The Work is to live Truly, hold the Light steadily, and serve this Essence of Life which Lives and Loves Us …within each of Its individual manifestations.



Dear Outstretched Hand,


A mother, a father walks with their child – their hand holding the smaller hand which reaches up in complete trust:  A young couple, hand in hand, begin their life together:  the elder person, closing the door to this realm is touched by the hand of one who cares and loves them;  perhaps unknown to the caregiver, the elder’s other hand is in the hand of their Master.


Hands give form to ideas in this world.  Hands create, grasp, hold, open, close, welcome or oppose, all the thoughts that the mind/brain, within the form on this plane, perceives.  Palms together pray and greet, fists closed fight to protect, open hands welcome and beckon friends and strangers to step into their world, fingers point the way to various directions in blessings or curses.  Hands speak their own language… to the sighted and the deaf.


Hands hold secrets to the sacred numbers of three and five: three divisions within each finger; three divisions within each arm; and five, the number of phalange.  The auras of the human hands also hold many secrets: some can be sensed or read just by ‘shaking hands’ with another person.


All that men dream could never be manifested if the outline of the idea in their mind did not pass through the entire body to terminate in their hands.  From the chalk paintings on the walls of the caves to the skyscrapers of modern cities – all was first dreamed, imagined, and then materialized in the substances of this planet of stardust and manifested through the hand.  Simplicity….


What is man then?  A way station for the passage of the simplicity of Cosmic Mind energy into the complexity of material human thought onto matter?  The Three and the Five know… The hands, the senses, and the mind/brain within each entity respond.  Creation begins anew…


Let us, like the children of the universes, reach out daily into this higher level of our being in complete TRUST.  Let us accept this gift of the open, awaiting Hand of God… eventually becoming aware that we can respond to That Which waits, to show us ever greater Love and Light and Joy and Life! 


Dear Light in Life,


We certainly live in interesting times…slowly, we hope, confidence and trust in a Power which is higher than the ego of Mankind, will grow.  Within the last few years, the inner Light of Life within the matter/spirit of Humanity has intensified.  It has been seeking to grow…to expand…to bloom into another realm of existence and abundance.  Prayers have gone out, cries have echoed through the silence of eternity to Those Who Watch over this infant – humanity.


As the mother hears the cries of her child, so the Great Ones attend to the needs of our little planet and the aspiring flowers (we call them humans) who seek nourishment and spiritual food for their Soul and the souls and bodies of their fellow Mankind.  The call went out and response arrived… but not in the form imagined by the children of Man and Woman. 


Change is always painful on some level, within our understanding, for it contains the factors of destruction of the old form in order for the creation of the new form or design.  Even we, as humans, cut away a mountain, flatten a desert floor, dig deep into the earth to lay foundations for our homes, roads, and cities.  We first of all destroy the old form: did we consider the shape of the mountain or the nest of the eagle? The homes of the prairie gopher, fox, buffalo, or wild horses? Yes, sometimes some of us do and call a halt for the endangered species…. Perhaps a redirection. But in the main… it is an aspect of progress in the great expansion of Life.


All the world religions have stories pointing to this dichotomy of death and life: the duality of dark and light, destruction and construction, the old and the new.  Humanity is unique in its thinking that if ‘something is… then it will always be that way’.  We want it just so (if it is a good and pleasant thing) happily ever after.  If it is unpleasant, we call it a great evil, darkness, plague… but again we await a change so that it disappears, and we again achieve an ‘impermanent level’ of ‘happily ever after’. 


It is this CHANGE which I wish to explore with you.  For there is no-thing in this world or any other known world, which eternally holds at a point of perfection.  Once a level of perceived perfection is reached, it is appreciated, applauded, and then the perceiver moves on to seek a new perfection.   Permanent perfection would be stagnation to us.


Every essence in the perceptible universe moves: earth rotates, planets revolve around suns, and electrons orbit their beloved proton.  Look at the movement of the many ideas through your mind since you began reading this letter.  Oxygen circulated through your lungs, your blood streamed through your arteries and veins, T-cells were dispatched, your last meal is in the process of digestion.  No-thing holds forever.  And yet, being oh so human, we so desperately hang on to yesterday’s items and memories and seek permanence from their shadows.  If we look toward the shadow, we see only the past, the darkness…  It is within the realm of the Spiritual Seeker to turn around and look toward the Light…to that Creative Spark within each entity, and observe the coming into manifestation of the idea and design held for the next turn on the spiral of Life.


This is an ongoing process… which is ever new at any point in time and space:  Just as we also are created ‘ever new’ each morning, as we face the sunlight of our earthly life.  To face the sun is to see no darkness.  To turn our back on the sun is to face the darkness.


BUT HERE IS THE KEY:  In this reversal of polarity within our consciousness, we BECOME the Light and radiate that light into the darkness around us.  We thusly become the ‘trigger factor’ for implementing change, not only in our life, but in the lives of all with whom we come in contact. The other quality here to remember is that none of us is ‘holy’ in this process… it is merely our turn at bat.  From our light, our fire, others with accept their own light, their own fire, and take their place at ‘bat’ in this wonderful game of eternity.  Perhaps a few of us can than take a seat on the bench and enjoy the game!


There are none who are greater than others.  We each have our own level of development and draw upon our life experiences for our next step onto the ‘Lighted Way’.  It is so bright there that we may not be able to see the level upon which our foot may step, but know well, there are many Others Who watch and await our decision to step or stagnate.  We move forward – ever forward.  The Path we travel is one of Light and Love.  It will never be like any other entity’s Path… for it IS our own.  We cannot judge another’s Way for we do not even know our own…. We Follow the Light and Radiate the Love of the One.   We move on constantly for all Life GROWS.



Dear One Looking Back….(Don’t),


There is an old story about a man, Lot, and his wife and family who were living in a large, busy city,
(I believe the name of which was Sodom or Gomorrah).  There was much chaos, rioting, looting, depravity, etc. occurring in this city and it was a bad influence on his family.  One night, angels came to his house and told him that the Lord was going to destroy the city and that he and his friends had to take what they could carry and leave it immediately.  (There is more to this story but this is the condensed version.)


Lot told his family and they packed up what they could and left the city… led by the angel.  They walked up the steep hills around the city and they traveled onward.  The only stipulation that the angel gave him was that no one in his party was to ‘look back’ at the city while they were traveling.  They were to travel forward, onward, and not look back at the destruction which the Lord would descend upon the city.


All went well until they rounded one turn and Lot’s wife turned her head to see one ‘last look’ at a place she had called home for so long.  As the story goes, it was at that second that Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt.  Her eyes may have witnessed the fire and brimstone that the Lord was raining down upon the city but her salt lips would never reveal the secret which she saw.  The rest of the party traveled on with heavy hearts because they had lost a beloved member of their family.  The angel guided them into new lands where they made their homes and began a life of peace and joy in safety.  So the story goes……..


We seem to be at a similar point today in our lives… not that any of us are going to turn into a pillar of salt by ‘looking back’, but that for our own growth and prosperity, it is better that we begin the process of pouring the new wine of the message, which our deepest heart has given us, into new bottles, new forms for expanded livingness, greater conscious awareness of our world, our species of humanity, our inner connectedness with all LIFE, and our ability to serve and love one another at this time.  The Abundant Life of which all the Great Teachers have tried to impress upon our minds and hearts over the centuries stands before us.  It is toward this ‘new country’ which we travel.


This ‘New Country’ is a greater expansion of consciousness, of Greater Life, within the core of Humanity Itself.  Each one of us is as a cell in the body of the universe, of the Lord… That or He Which is greater than we are.  Humanity is not the ‘end of the journey’: it is merely a stepping stone of form which our Soul has presented to us at this time in order to learn the Greater Secrets of Life.


The knowledge and facts which we so guardedly and preciously protect today will be as dust on the road of our journey for tomorrow.  Knowledge and facts are elements of time: today so valuable and tomorrow they will be as unconscious habits – lost in the memories of eons as the soul journeys ever homeward. 


The old ones tell us, don’t look back.  Yes, we all have our moments of remembrance of times gone by, of people and events no longer in our lives.  Hopefully, we have digested the good, the true, the beautiful, the lessons from these occurrences and individuals, applied what we could to our lives and thought processes, and discarded the remnants of negativity from these circumstances.  Then we go on.  We don’t ‘live there’ for our past is gone and we have not yet created the next step into our future.  To create this next step, we must fully face the NOW in our life.  Only then will we begin to recognize the trail which our soul is following… and we (the personality living in this human body of earth dust) slowly become aware of the process which this ‘following’ is taking.


In this human level, sometimes we lead and sometimes we follow: some days we learn and other days we teach.  In the spiritual levels we constantly follow until we are ‘worthy’ to lead… which is always ‘far off’ within the compart-mental human mind.  The babe in the playpen and the children on the playground are not today’s leaders…. But with training, with love, with experience, with growth, and with wisdom, they will become the leaders within the life currents of ‘tomorrow’. They will take their place in the Hierarchies of earth, of far-off worlds, and future increments/aspects of time and space.


The Great Ones constantly tell us to “Live in the Moment” for there is no ‘other’ time for evolvement.  In meditation we learn to clear the thought-world around us and stand steady in the true essence of our soul: LIGHT shining forth from LOVE.  As we stand at this point in consciousness, we begin to realize that time is an illusion: the past is a dream and the future is an unstructured life event with will only take form when we truly grasp our work of today.


What is today’s work?  It is to Live, Serve, Love, BE.  For each of us it will appear a little different in structure: snowflakes and fingerprints are all different – as is each of us.  The KEY to this abundant life is the wisdom to see that nothing is ‘outside of us’.  We are all connected….part of one Body – the Body of the Creator (call Him/Her/It what you will.)


Humanity is a geometric formulae and progression from the One Cosmic Mind.  And as you understand, geometric structures can constantly transform into other geometric forms. Herein lies your past, your present, and the yet to be created, future.  Cosmic Mind is already aware of the form to be, and remembers every form which ever was.  We get to experience the joy of change, growth,  and love in action…. If we are aware.


Don’t look back… the past is drifting into stardust to be reformed by other minds, in other eons of development.  Stand steady in your Light of Purpose, of Trust in the Universal Plan, in the Love of God and All Life within your Heart.  Let the dust be blown away by the Cosmic Winds of Change and know you are here to build the future for yourself, for Humanity, and for many to come.


Dear Mirror of Eternity,


Often we speak of the student of Life, the disciple of the Ancient Teachings, the Initiate on the Path, and the Masters of Wisdom, (there are Those Beyond These – however we will leave that for perhaps another time.)  So much has been written about the above categories!  Books fill our personal libraries for study and pondering, praying and hoping, imagining and becoming.  After a while, the books which are printed no longer hold interest.  One may not know all the ‘secrets’ contained within them, but one ‘feels’ or ‘senses’ them.  True Reality of these ‘secrets’ cannot be found in our humanly printed books, writings, or symbols… (although symbols are the best way to communicate them.)

 Unless one has the “eyes to see, the ears to hear”, and the higher adaptation of Mind which can understand these passages, the words become distorted as in a mirror in the ‘fun house at the circus’. Even though individuals may be well-meaning, there is always distortion when the Waters of Wisdom do not flow directly from the Stream of Life into the basin of understanding. 

 Distortion comes because of the ‘filters’ which we all have: our unpleasant life issues, fears, misconceptions, petty traits, and unrecognized pain.  On the ‘other side of the coin’, if it were not for the above issues, plus our good traits, loves, laughter, joys, and kindnesses, we would be nothing more than frequencies of spinning matter in space… no real person-ality at all.  Karma balances all things.

 That which we would like to ‘teach’ others is the result of our intakes on life and our outtakes on human nature… if we care about ‘human nature’.  Those Whom we call Masters have a more refined ‘intake’ from life, a wider expanse of perception for Their ‘outtake’ on us (humanity), and less need of a filter for this plane of manifestation.  Masters function on the abstract-mental/soul planes and above.

 There is also a difference in the expertise of the ‘spiritual guides’ we hear so much about.  These function on the astral plane (which can be low – the lesser lights – to higher – the greater lights).  But higher guides, though they may be, still function within the higher portion of the astral.  They too are learning.  Many of us tend to think that as soon as Aunt Harriet or Uncle Charlie pass over, they become instantly enlightened.  Sorry guys… Light you will see, but work you have yet to do.

 There is always work to do… studies to be assimilated, lessons to be learned: Christ Himself stated that He was a servant and a disciple.  The ‘stairway to heaven’ passes beyond all that we can think, imagine, or project.  The ability to think is very low on this stairway… there are realms and worlds of consciousness far beyond that which any mind, but the One Mind, can contemplate.  Thinking, as humanity perceives it, become superfluous in the levels beyond the human brain/mind.

 The Law of Correlation holds true and clear on every plane.  To us, the 1, 3, 7, 12, 49, etc., posited in the correct categories are a joy for the brain/mind. We bounce them off our tongues and talks like we really know what we are talking about! We forget these too are illusions.  And yet, ‘Something’ beyond Mind calls… ‘SOMETHING’ unfathomable.  It seems a type of ‘feeling and knowing’… not ‘thinking about.’ Once THIS is touched, or IT touches the soul within a garment of dust, nothing of the dust seduces.  Does one want to go back to kindergarten after college graduation?  Yet one would go back to teach. 

 As a student of Life, a disciple on the Path, an Initiate in training, we can ask, “What can I do Master?” The answer comes, “Learn to Love, observe all around you.”  As workers in the field of humanity, we need to learn to deepen this love for all – for it is part and parcel of all that we are. We do not see that of which we are not part, until that facility develops within the fire of our mind and consciousness. We need to learn to reflect the Love of God and the Great Ones through our garment of dust.

 Learning to love is not just puttering around our daily existence and stating, ‘Oh I like that or this.’  It is communing with it – with the form we perceive before us.  There is no ‘other’ therefore it is loving yet another aspect of our self, Our Self, the One Self, Always.

 There is no judgment: there is observation and love (active participation.) This is the Way of the Creator.  Mind and Heart – always these two… no matter what the planet, or star, or atom.  There is only Mind and Heart. 

                                            There are times and there are half-times

                                             Worlds which have not begun

                                             Thoughts yet to be remembered
Songs yet to be sung.
There are places time has forgotten
People unborn but loved
Things not yet created
Some below and some above.

And then there is you, my child
A traveler in this time
A seeker who knows tomorrow
A mortal from Infinite Mind.
A child who's filled with promise
To know, to do, and to Be
Unknowing yet your own true worth
Or place in eternity.


                                                                                                               The Forecaster



Dear Wanderer in the Void,


Odd title?  Was reading an article on outer space and the stars and gas blobs with ‘wander’ there.  Some wander too close to the black holes and get ‘sucked in’ to them.  Others ‘wander’ past them and at the point when they are closest to the black hole, they s-t-r-e-t-c-h outward and then when past, they tighten up again.  Our scientists cannot account for this (or actually try by all their untested and vague theories), however, these ‘wanderers’ just go about their business and travel on.


As souls, we too often fit this pattern.  The ‘void’ around us is the daily life we experience – and many times do not understand – even have a clue about.  Black holes appear all the time on our event horizon: TV, Internet, FaceBook, Hulu, YouTube, magazines, news reports, etc.  Our ‘black holes’ manifest in politics, economics, religion, the actions of family members, our wonderful and sometimes weird friends, our pets’ habits, our own body (at awakening in the morning 😊) or just driving down a familiar street.  We can get ‘sucked in’ or just s-t-r-e-t-c-h past and squeak by.


Life is always changing.  Getting used to this concept is difficult for most of us.  We want stability, rituals, habits, and continuity to remain ‘happily ever after’… including immortality.  As the older generation says, “Suck it up cupcake”, for as students of the wisdom teaching know, the universe doesn’t march to the beat of ‘our drum’.  The Pulse of the Universe is much grander than our frail human minds can imagine.


To begin to understand the Mind of the Cosmos, we have to ‘unlearn’ all that our daily life cycles have shown us which seem so logical and familiar.  We are not an “I” personality in a body with a Spirit: we are Spirit in a form of matter drawn from the earth.  This “I” did not call the shots as to what part of the planet it was born in; what race; what religion; what ancestry; or in which century.  The above choices and items were already mapped out for it in the grand design of the Cosmos.  This “I” has ‘some’ small choice in matters pertaining to its daily existence, however, it never knows what is ‘just around the corner’ of its existence.  There may be a new love, a catastrophic event for loved ones, an unexpected invitation, an invasion of privacy, a ….  The list can go on forever.  Good, bad or indifferent – we are not, at all times, the captain of our own vessel … as we well detect when we stub our toe on the nightstand at midnight.


Yet, “Something” so far beyond our perception IS.  When we finally detect our error, a massive change begins in our life.  Yes, we can make a decision – but if it is really important to us – hand it over to this “Something” and ask.  No begging, pleading, tears here … just basic mind (ours) to Spirit (ours) communication.  Some of our best answers may come from those (we thought) were unheard prayers.  Response ALWAYS comes when we ask.  Just remember: it may not be the one we want to hear!


Just as a babe grows into a toddler, then a child, a teen, a young person, an adult, a mature individual, a senior (not saying old…. here), the soul grows also.  Here is where the “I” and the soul begin their ‘courtship’ in a life.  Glamourous it will probably not be, but efficient will be the systemic growth.  Gradually, the ‘Soul controls the outer form, and life and all events” and this will bring about the experiences and lessons required. Discipline, expected and self imposed, is triggered in the life of the individual.  At first, it may seem to the student, as a Great One said, ‘that they feel like a galley slave.’  But this is not the true perception of the pattern.  Obedience is learned gradually.  Eventually this ‘obedience’ becomes divine habit and slips below the level of the conscious awareness of the entity.  It is merely an inner echoing of the Laws of the Universe to which one becomes cognizant and to which one adheres. The Great Adhering Principle is Love…..


However, we first need to learn the rules of the game in order to fully enjoy the plays. There is a pattern, a method in these Cosmic movements: God, The One, The Force, The Presence IS…and we are that which moves – which manifests.  We and our entire world are an illusion to Him – real to us.  His dream of creation: our manifestation.  Does He know He is manifesting us?  Do we know in a dream that we are manifesting the world, the story, the dream which we perceive?  What if the dream characters were to say to us, “You dreamed us!  We are not real…”


Would that deplete the entire game of the dream?  What if they said, “This is a wonderful game – let’s play!”  The entire cosmos would be the playing field - the baseball diamond: out field - the far worlds; short stop - Karma; home plate – Nirvana – from where we start the game to where we finish the game and start another. Perhaps one with goal posts and footage lines – time out and “Play Ball”!  The ‘big bang’ equals kick off – with its intermissions, times to rest, and regroup. Let’s not forget ‘half-time presentations’….


There is an allotted time: The Great Ones Know – the fans just enjoy the game and all are well pleased, “It Is Good”.


Play on Brothers!


Dear One Rising in Light,

                               “Send out your bread upon the waters

for after many days you will get it back…….                          

                                 Just as you do not know how the breath comes to the bones in the mother’s womb,

so you do not know the work of God, who makes everything….

                                  Remember your creator in the days of your youth,

before the days of trouble come, and the years draw near……before the silver cord is snapped, and the golden bowl is broken, and the pitcher is broken at the fountain, and the wheel broken at the cistern, and the dust returns to the earth as it was, and the breath returns to God who gave it.  Vanity of vanities, says the Teacher; all is vanity.”                                                                                       Ecclesiastes Chpt. 11


 Seasons within our lives give us pause for wonder and pondering.  “A time to be born and a time to die” comes to everything ‘created’ and manifested in matter.  Why?  Perhaps we do not remember that we are not the authors of our fate and the captains of our lives…..Something Else is.  This Something or Someone or Some Essence is so far beyond our mortal concept of “Life” that It is a Void…. To us. 

 As humanity, we seek for life on other planets – but our ‘concept’ of life is so limited….usually only to that with which we are familiar as to pressure, temperature, breath, or reproductive capabilities.  We find ‘life’ manifested deep within the depths and darkness of our oceans, and we are amazed that such an animal or plant exists.  This expression of life has, perhaps, been there for many millions of years…. It is but our perception and lack of knowledge which makes this ‘find’ a special event in our world. 

 As scientists attempt to manufacture solo atoms and determine their existence, competence, length of animation and survival in matter and deep space, are they aware that they are dealing with life forms beyond their comprehension?  As a species, we are completely unaware of what forms Life may take… even to the point of having not a clue as to what “LIFE ESSENCE” really is.  Yet, onward we go… experimenting, learning – yes, but at what cost to the environment and life cycles of ‘other forms’?

We celebrate Spring, the migration of birds, insects and animals, the awakening of a Power which makes all things new, which recycles the dust of yesterday into living, breathing, manifestations of being, of experiences, of livingness and daily life.  As humans, we experience this as eating, breathing, working, playing, loving, sleeping, laughing and physical hardships including pain and suffering.  But this IS LIFE. The Great Essence which is experiencing ITSELF through us – our forms, our minds, our bodies.

 Here is where it gets interesting.  This One Life resides within each of Its creations…. Each stone, plant, animal, human each of us.  We love to say that ‘we’ are the controller of our destiny: but where were ‘we’ before we became awake in this body?  Where are ‘we’ after the body returns to dust?  Thus the deeper question becomes: What are ‘we’ Really????

Enter the Mystic, the Scientist, the Occultist, and the human on the street (so to speak).  These each have thoughts which speak to the soul, the mind, the emotions, and the body.  Each personality eventually constructs a structure in which he or she can live….. whether that of Einstein, average joe,       or a serial killer.  Each possesses LIFE.  Each is a facet, a colorful reflection, flowing through the prism of Matter of that Eternal Stream we can call LIGHT.  Each can show us only that which he or she has experienced or believes….true or not, for us.

 His or her “Truth” may or may not be ‘our’ truth….. but it is still always a refraction of ABSOLUTE LIGHT through the prism of Matter.  LIFE is ONE…with no beginning and no end.  Our human intellect (another facet of the astral light) can truly not ‘wrap itself’ around this one either.  But does it matter?

 This coming of the Light we celebrate around the Winter Solstice – in many religions.  The sun is symbolized as ‘turning northward’ and the light slowly returns to Earth in the form of Spring.  This beginning calls forth the sap from the roots of trees to rise, the roots of the flowers and plants to draw nourishment from the earth-dust and, blending this with the warmth of the sun-light, rebirth and renewal of life on this planet begins again.  The birds build nests, the sleeping bear awakens from his hibernation, and humans celebrate Valentine’s Day!  Creation begins anew. 

These are physical representations of that which the Light of Eternal Day manifests within our spiritual hearts.  We too rise from the dead of nightly sleep to greet the morning  light of our Creator….the Source of our being – beyond this earthly garment, called a body, (of which we care for, protect, wash, nourish, and esteem so greatly.)  It too, has its own life level – composed of cells, systems, electrical units, glands, organs, and functions.  This body allows us to sense our environment around us – the other facets and pulses of life, and others like us who have their own needs and abilities.

So much complexity is found in this Essence of Simplicity.  Layer upon layer of substance, matter, over ever increasing frequencies of Light and Love and Power within each living unit….human or otherwise.  And here, in the Spring, we celebrate this.

 The cherry blossoms, the hyacinth, the rose, the nest of robin-blue eggs, the cry of the baby, the budding of the green leaves on the trees, the warmth of the sun upon the new grass……… these are Nature’s way of reminding us of rebirth, renewal,  and the recycling of the star-dust into galaxies. 

 As humans we remind ourselves by lighting candles, bowing to the East (rising sun), offering incense, abstaining during Lent and Holy Days in various practices, celebrating the sharing of food, the breaking of bread and the partaking of the cup of wine.  It is here we are called – in all religions – to “REMEMBER”.   The call is ancient for the memory is Eternal.  The Light is born from Darkness:  it passes through eons of duration and phases of creation beyond Humanity’s  intellect of comprehension………..and becomes Mankind.  Does it stop there?  No, my Friend.  This is merely a phase within the Infinite Mind of Creation: a point or vector within this cycle of this Eternity for you and me. 

 As ONE, together we rise – in Light and toward more abundant Light and Life.  


Dear Seeker of the Soul,

Today’s world contains little that seems ‘real’… even in our illusions.  The Great Ones try to teach us, to show us, but we can neither see nor understand through the smoke of our days and the shadows of our nights. What is important in our lives?  What are we attempting to express?  What are we, consciously or unconsciously, trying to learn or remember?

The echo of the axiom of the past: Man, know Thyself rings as true today as it did in ancient Greece and earlier.  We do not ‘know’….. We deduce from our limited years of experience the incomprehensible universe, and we name it, place a label on it as to its qualities and quantities, and file it away for someone else to add to our stupidity with their equally inane deductions.  But this seems to be the way of humanity to date.

What will ‘tomorrow’s’ humanity imagine?  Their formulated thoughts will be worlds ahead and generations apart from today’s computations.  Hopefully these identities will also be skilled in spiritual geometry as well as the modern science of their time.  

What would be our wish, our desire, our prayer for these future generations?  A good life?  Family and children?  Love?  Education? Good health?  These are aspects of our own lives and the times in which we are living.  What of theirs?  Can we imagine a world so different from our own that pure speculation would be incomprehensible?  

Think of the 17th and 18th centuries: now picture New York City in those centuries.  Compare this picture with today’s inclusion of modern technology, automobiles, Internet, electricity, sciences, engineering, billboards, and communication.  Had you had such a ‘vision’ of today back then, you would have been considered a witch and a worker with the Devil!  From that past:  the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ would be lost in translation.

Yet here we stand, imagining the future of Mankind, with so many variations on the theme of livingness: achievement, fear and in trepidation, excitement, joy, beauty, pensive waiting, or non-responsibility.  There are Those among us who see this future more clearly… although They do not advertise or display Their abilities from the ‘roof tops’.   They quietly guide and grant opportunities to each of us to assist in this evolvement of consciousness from that ‘silent voice which speaks from our heart.”  It is up to us to train ourselves to listen, test, and act.

What do we consider the consummation of the Plan for Humanity?  Individual self-fulfillment? Galactic dispersal of humanity in the universe? Perfection in ‘spiritual realms’? (Whatever that may mean to each of us within our belief system.)  And my favorite: More darn work on the inner planes for an eternity! 

For most of us, the ‘fulfillment of our plan for humanity’ only includes that which we can conceive in our brain from our life experience, dreams, hardships, loves and hates of the past few years.   We are blind and bound to the dark past millions of years of the universe, and on this planet, and we are blinded by the light of the future expression of Cosmic Mind in action.  And, when I read the headlines of the media… this ignorance reigns supreme as knowledge and accepted facts.  We have yet to question our inner Soul…. Filled with Spirit, which uses it as a garment. 

We speak much about Soul.  Our scientists attempt to weigh it in grams as it inhabits the body and leaves it at the point of death.  Even this ‘attempt’ should prompt them to consider that if it can be weighed…. It is a ‘form’ of matter.  Perhaps not ‘dense matter’ as we are only aware of on this plane, but a finer grade of matter existing in its own universe of ‘density’ and ‘substance’. 

If it inhabits this body, and animates it in life, there is obviously another ‘place’ to go and to be when this dense substance no longer serves its purpose.  It takes with it all the experiences of this life, for it is the only ‘recorder’ of these experiences of any of us.  The brain, which we are so fondly attached to as our ‘well of intelligence’, is merely a tool for the reception and delineation of the frequencies of these experiences.  We call this learning… as does the storage container of the soul.  Soul wisdom is already whole… that is why, when we listen to our inner voice, it is our soul to which we ‘give ear’.  It provides us the wisdom!  

We tend to think of this world as filled with many minds.  In Reality, there is only ONE MIND.  All things, forms, ideas, etc., are found within this One Mind and are connected one to another… just as our brains connect our thought processes.  If we wish to bend our little finger, this action is first pictured within our mind, and then the electronic signals are sent to the appropriate muscles in the back, arm, hand and finally finger to perform this action.  All within less than a nano-second.  It is a marvelous display of creation at work/play.

The many brains of our planet are connected within this Great One Mind.  Thoughts can be sent from brain to brain, mind to mind, across God’s Wi-Fi.  Man copied this idea and conceived the Internet.  Now man complains when all the darkness and dirt of his mind/life/brain actions are uncovered and laid bare for the world to see.  There are Those among us who do not need a Wi-Fi connection to read the thoughts of our many brains as they fly around the world on their Internet connections.  Eventually, all of Humanity will reach this level…. And that will initiate a major change in all ‘secret lives’ lead within the heart of each human unit.  When each can read each other by a glance… yes, my friend, this will be a very different world in which to live.  

And yet, if spiritual conscious growth keeps pace with science and technological advances, a world will be created of which none of us can currently imagine.  An Eden of the Future will be created.  If the material and hate climate of today, and the technological advances out distance the spiritual conscious growth, Orwell’s 1984 will look like kindergarten.  As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done in the coming decades on the side of humanity and on the promised side of externalization of our advanced humanity.   We will need all the help we can get, and we will be stronger working together.  

Let us share this thought:  Let the actions of the soul be the motives of my daily life.  I am that soul and unto that I dedicate myself.  That soul is one in all my fellowmen and I am one with them.  The keynote of the action of the soul is Sacrifice.

                                                                            Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p. 565


Dear One,

With today’s technology and super-computers, Humanity has entered a new age of digitization and analysis.  We can break down codes, cypher ancient texts, and, as always, seek new understanding and answers to age old questions…. And a few modern ones in the process.  Television keeps the masses appraised of newer research and developments.

Code breakers have been around for thousands of years.  Minds which cannot understand the meaning of context have always tried to decipher systems of information used by those who use a ‘need to know’ basis.  The use of this information has often been in areas of warfare and greed, aggression and manipulation.  History books fill the shelves with truth and fiction of these events. Being ‘one-up’ on the competition, be it industrial espionage, warfare, technological exploitation, or astral/spiritual manipulation is as old as the sorcerers of Atlantis.  All have their secrets.  So does each of us.

One of the current ‘rages on TV’ is the idea of various archaic books, Bibles, tablets, writings, and pictorial languages containing secret codes.  These have been deciphered, of late, in Biblical writings – called the God Code by modern standards.  The ego of Humanity finds this surprising!  It appears that various historical events, past and future, are verbally described, hidden within common texts.  It took Mankind millions of years to ‘invent’ the computer….. does Mankind think that Divinity was just sitting back filing His/Her/Its nails during the eons of creation? 

There is an exceptional illusion here: That Humanity is ‘divided’ from all of creation and that the flow of God/Creative Fire/Energy is not singular in Its construct.  Consider: what part of our own body form is ‘divided off’ from another? Our blood starts out pure from the heart, nourishes the body, gathers the wastes, passes through the various organs and again becomes pure as it passes through the heart again.  Which of, even our tiny cells, is unconnected from our body?

As our blood courses through our body system, it is a circular pattern.  This is no different than an electron orbiting a proton, our moon around this planet, our planet – with others – around the sun, and our galaxy spiraling within Space.  Each system is enclosed within another system…. All form ONE LIFE.  There are no extra parts, excess materials or miscellaneous gears.  Every item, whither it is a hydrogen atom, a mosquito, an ear of corn, a human being, or the galaxy of Andromeda, is connected within this spatial Divine Idea. “The Lord our G-d, the Lord is ONE.”   Brotherhood is not an ideal, it is a fact!

Now this Divine Idea, once made manifest from the Spiritual Realms into Matter, was complete at its conception.  As an ant observing the universe, we can comprehend but little of this Idea.  However, as we are part of this Idea, fractals of a Holy Hologram so to speak, all that Is, is reflected within and around us. That which was complete before time began, has now come into our perception of time and space and consciousness.  We begin to understand.  Notes and clues have been lovingly left…. Along with a miniscule portion of free will, which we have the power to manipulate: creatively or destructively.

This ‘Divine Idea’ has created each of us. Each of us is an entity, a letter within the wording, in the Great Book of Life.  United we form page after page of unfoldment of the Great Plan.  Stepping it down a notch: each of us is a unique, entire book of our own – containing our past, present, and future.  The ‘code of G-d’ for each of us individually has already been written within our Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body for eons.  Have we ‘decoded’ it yet?  Each cell mirrors the past of creation – as we can understand it.  In the present our thoughts and actions form mutations within our atoms and cells, and those ‘mutations’ become part of our future. Our future is already written and ‘done’ within Spirit – yet to be manifested in matter.  Our choices, our Karma, our loves and hates, our hours and years yet to come are all ‘readable’ to He Who Is ONE.

Even at our stage of development: what part of Thou Shalt not kill or Do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves… don’t we somewhat understand?  And yet, the world spins with wars and fear and plagues and hunger… mankind created.  The intellect of Humanity is still in its infancy… and the emotional level of involvement in life is rampant. Humanity eventually will grow into its maturity of Spirituality – beyond the flesh and blood of today’s manifestation.

Tomorrow’s citizens will be as distinctive a planetary race from us as we are from the Neanderthal.  For as G-d is Perfection, creativity and evolution travel hand-in-hand.  If you believe in the evolving of Souls, we may meet again – but not in the density of flesh which we wear today. 

The world around us moves very fast.  Multi-media taunts the FaceBook and Twitter accounts as invasions of privacy.  Consider: what will be at stake when Humanity as a race is clairvoyant?  When ‘physical discretions’ and motivations are ‘readable’ by everyone at a glance?  Politics and Economics will definitely be a changed game!

Our worlds, within and without, are in upheaval.  As we calm the inner ‘ripples of mind and heart’ the outer tides of life will become more tranquil.  Eventually, the waves of Humanity’s thought patterns upon the shores of the abstract mind levels will manifest serenity and peace.  This will create the vibrational field into which the Christ Consciousness of Love and Wisdom can enter: “My Peace I give to you.”

 “Naught can arrest His return, none can impede His Path, for He passeth along the upper way, bearing His people with Him.  Cometh the dissolution of pain, cometh the merging of the spheres and the blending of the hierarchies.  All then is re-absorbed within the orb, the circle of manifestation. The forms that exist in maya, and the flame that devoureth all, are garnered by the One Who rideth the Heavens and entereth into the timeless Aeon.

                                          A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pp 748

May your way be Blessed and your Heart be Pure.  May your actions reflect those virtues of peace and love held within the lotus of your heart and the diamond of your mind. Let Love prevail……Let all men Love.


   With Us are found the forces of the living Light and Love which you must use.

Keep close to Us, and day by day draw on that strength

   And knowledge with We have and which is also yours.

Let naught disturb the acquiescent calm which keeps you close in touch.

    Which brings you light and understanding

            And which keeps you steadfast on the Way.

                                                                                                                                    From the Writings of     

                           Alice A. Bailey

                            Lucis Trust, NYC


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